Simple rocket stick figure, see who can do it fast and beautifully

2022-07-20 0 By

Simple rocket stick figure, let’s see who draws fast and beautiful children are not unfamiliar with the rocket, we usually on TV and the Network often see the rocket launch appearance, is not very shocked.Some satellites have been sent into space by rockets, providing people with some very important applications.Whether satellite or manned spaceflight, are inseparable from the rocket as a carrier of propulsion.Have you ever drawn a stick figure rocket?Today let’s learn a simple stick figure rocket and see who can do it quickly and beautifully.First we need a piece of paper and a marker and a marker.The first step is to draw the body of the rocket.Step 2, then draw the shape of the flame.Step 3, draw an upward semicircle and two small circles on the body of the rocket.Step 4, draw the tail wings on both sides of the rocket.Step 5, paint the rocket with a color pen (use your imagination).The sixth step is to paint the flame with a color pen.Step by step, let the children learn to draw a simple and interesting stick figure rocket, master some painting skills and develop interest in painting.