Spring Festival travel may be affected by snow and rain in Shaanxi

2022-07-20 0 By

The fourth day of the first lunar month coincides with the start of Spring solar term and also enters the first day of the “Liu Jiu”, which indicates that the weather gradually warms up.In recent days, most of the weather in our province is mainly sunny weather, with the temperature rising slightly. The highest temperature is higher than 5 degrees in 65 cities and counties, some 17 cities and counties are higher than 10 ℃, and there are still 13 counties and cities with the highest temperature below 0 ℃, mainly distributed in northern Shaanxi, and the highest gas in the province is 14 ℃ in Baihe river.The lowest temperature was below 0 ℃ in 95 cities and counties, below -10 ℃ in 10 cities and counties, mainly distributed in northern Shaanxi, hengshan -15 ℃ in the whole province.According to the latest forecast, starting from 5th, the good weather in recent days will be replaced by rain and snow. From 5th to 7th, there will be a continuous rain and snow weather process in our province. The strongest period of rain and snow will be from 5th night to 6th, and the temperature in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi will drop by 4-6 ℃.Affected by the rain weather, the temperature in our province has dropped, and there will be ice on the road, which will have a certain impact on the upcoming Spring Festival holiday travel, travel safety, at the same time, the temperature drops, pay attention to cold and warm.Xi ‘an is expected to be cloudy on The 5th day to sleet or light snow.Maximum temperature: 3℃, minimum temperature: -1℃, wind direction: northeast wind, wind force: force 2.6 cloudy day with light to moderate snow, in the southern mountains to heavy snow, temperature: -2 ~ 20℃.Light snow turned cloudy on the 7th, temperature: -3 ~ 4℃.Source: Huashang Daily