The new zone will vigorously promote the establishment of national high-tech zones

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Crucial year of this year is our city to create national high-tech zone, the critical years, new area by building decision-making, execution, warning “trinity” create a working system, national high-tech zone to create standard, compaction, pressure stubble, enhance the innovative entrepreneurial efforts, in order to pass inspection review as the goal, to create work.Set up the leading group of the creation work, and coordinate the decision-making of the creation work.New district as creating national key battleground in the zone and formed by the top 1, 25 members to participate in the national high-tech zone to implement work leading group, set up the mechanism of joint conference member unit, in accordance with the “three area garden” the new development of tongchuan high-tech zone, and in conjunction with the high-tech zone, tongchuan new material industrial park, Dong Jiahe circular economy industrial park three parks,We have worked closely with each other for interconnected development, established a monthly meeting mechanism, strengthened the synergy of planning, policies and projects, and formed a joint development and construction trend of “one zone and three parks”. We have planned and coordinated the creation of national high-tech zones.We will pay close attention to the implementation of the task and vigorously promote the implementation of the task.The Office for the Establishment of New Zones has compiled a detailed resolution table of task granulation list of National High-tech Zones 2022 based on the four tasks and 22 specific measures of the Implementation Plan, and issued it to all responsible units in official documents, laying a good foundation for the establishment of the new zones in the year of breakthrough.At the same time, the establishment Office of the New District continued to strictly implement the daily work system of “weekly report, monthly supervision and quarterly assessment” required by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, coordinated the responsible departments at the municipal level and all parks, and promoted the smooth development of the establishment work according to the working mechanism of “special personnel and focus on the end”.We will work hard to promote the development of the system and implement the “early warning and supervision” mechanism.The establishment Office of the new District will carry out regular special supervision of all responsible units, report the implementation of the establishment work, give dynamic warning and supervision to the situation of inaction and slow action in the establishment work, and improve the quality and efficiency of work.Further strengthen units bear responsibility, strengthen coordination, to ensure that all responsible unit on the key task, the weak link accurately, to further strengthen the confidence, determination, unity of the thought and action to the deployment of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government requirements, in the national high-tech zone created successfully the battle always remain “wartime”, “charge” gesture,We will not slacken our efforts, and standards will not be lowered to ensure that the construction work will be carried out effectively, orderly and efficiently.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: