The woman teaches her brother-in-law to write homework furious, even her mother-in-law dare not speak, the true identity makes the net friend laugh

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I do not know how you feel about being a teacher in charge or a section teacher in your childhood. Anyway, EVERY time I see a teacher, I hide far away.Since the beginning of primary school, it is a psychological shadow, my mother always call the head teacher, because the head teacher is my mother’s classmate in junior high school, junior high school is still a good friend of the kind, then lost contact, did not expect that I become their link.A parents meeting two people hit it off, from now on the phone, they are happy, but I can suffer, every time the teacher in charge and my mother report, I was beaten the second day after the teacher in charge give me a piece of “sugar”, the name is for my good.So I have a shadow to the teacher in charge, ORIGINALLY I have been like me so miserable people should be few, did not think there is more miserable than me.Some time ago, a netizen shared a video on the Internet, which attracted many onlookers, showing a woman helping a little boy with his homework.Originally thought is mother and son’s identity, unexpectedly, is sister-in-law and brother-in-law, recording the video is mother-in-law, and sister-in-law has an identity, is the little boy’s Chinese teacher.Across the screen can feel the teacher’s majesty, brother-in-law is also fearful, criticized the brother-in-law to simply ignore the love of the family, the mother-in-law is afraid to help.Many netizens sympathized with the boy, while some said that his sister-in-law would not be so strict after returning home, which would cause a lot of pressure on students to study.Some netizens also think that the boy is very lucky to have such unique conditions, want to learn difficult, should cherish.The incident ended in a discussion among netizens, but recently, the brother-in-law and sister-in-law became popular again.Woman teach brother-in-law to write homework furious, tutoring homework family atmosphere dare not out, the real identity makes the net friend laugh this winter vacation has come, although to the primary school students to implement the burden reduction, but learning still can not lose, after all, there is the pressure of the entrance examination.With no after-school classes, parents have to help students with their studies, and a video of a woman helping students with their homework recently went viral.A careful look, some netizens said, this is not before the sister-in-law is his own language teacher’s little boy?Is this another baptism by my sister-in-law?Indeed, sister-in-law and language teacher in the inspection of brother-in-law’s winter vacation homework, the results of homework did not write a few pages, homework are about to fall apart, so the sister-in-law was severely criticized, also said, “I do not know what you are thinking all day long, must stick good today.”This time the brother-in-law did not like the last time obedient, but with the sister-in-law up mouth, also said that you are not my own sister, meaning I why listen to you.This makes the sister-in-law more angry, frankly I have a brother, can ignore you, in the family’s education, the student also realized the mistake, and took the initiative to apologize to the sister-in-law.Students unconvinced talk back scene we often encounter, different is, the sister-in-law or brother-in-law’s Language teacher, more netizens can not help but laugh after listening to.And the mother-in-law also said that when the sister-in-law tutoring homework, the whole family dare not out of the atmosphere, because they also know for his good, netizens also said that under the double identity, brother-in-law also such a learning attitude, really should be a good discipline.I can very empathize with such experience, when I was young, I would complain, but now I think it’s lucky that I was often educated, otherwise I don’t know what I’m like now.Not every student has such “close to the water building first get the month” counseling opportunities, students should cherish now, maybe the little boy’s pressure is a little big, but with the growth of grade, can realize the benefits of having a teacher as a relative.Relevant departments also put forward to reduce the burden of students, extracurricular remedial classes are almost no, but the pressure of the examination has been in, a little careless will be shunted out.Parents of lower grade students may be able to help students learn, but when it comes to higher grade parents are also willing and unable to do, having relatives and teachers is equivalent to “win at the starting line”.Students can consult at any time if they have problems, which is very convenient. It can provide good help for students’ learning problems or growth problems.Finally, I want to say: but no matter what, the quality of students’ academic performance ultimately depends on the students themselves, the teacher can only play a supporting role, the students themselves also want to study regularly.Learning process can not be passive, to take the initiative to do the preview before class, review after class, listen carefully, improve their learning efficiency.With such plug-ins, in addition to personal efforts, learning will get twice the result with half the effort, perhaps now the little boy can not understand sister-in-law’s good intentions, I believe that he will be grateful for sister-in-law after growing up.Do you have such relatives and teachers?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.