Changyi Cangjie Community Health Service Center carried out “World Tuberculosis Day” publicity activities

2022-07-21 0 By

March 24 this year marks the 27th World Tuberculosis Day.On the morning of March 24, a community health service center in Changyi city organized a consultation activity under the theme of “life comes first, all citizens take action to share health and put an end to TUBERCULOSIS” in order to improve the public’s awareness of tuberculosis prevention and control and jointly safeguard the health of residents in the area under their control.During the event, the medical staff publicized basic knowledge of TUBERCULOSIS, preventive measures and the national policy of free tuberculosis to the public by putting up display boards, hanging banners and distributing publicity materials.An information desk was set up at the event site to answer questions and provide consultation for the masses.At the same time, the health center also organized medical personnel enter schools, TB health education knowledge lecture to the teachers and students to explain what is TB, how to correctly understand the main route of transmission of tuberculosis, tuberculosis, tuberculosis of typical symptoms and signs, how to prevent and treat TB, etc, to improve the social and public awareness of TB harmfulness,Create a good social atmosphere.According to statistics, this activity issued more than 300 copies of publicity materials, to provide more than 60 times of consultation, the masses have been widely praised.(Report: Yin Xifeng, Wang Junhua, Chief editor: Guo Lei, Sun Qiang)