Embiid praises Harden: They double-teamed him, and for the first time in my life, I was empty!

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Haddon 75 career debut, almost won the victory, with a perfect posture in 35 minutes, 12 shots scored 27 points and eight rebounds, 12 assists, individual positive and negative value to + 35, another interesting data is running outside the three-point line 5 of 7, 5 three-pointers, happens to be the simmons 4 years 75 people into the number of all three.That’s the difference Harden has made for 75, but it’s not all.Harden almost changed his 75-man playbook for the season against Minnesota.In the half-court offense, Harden can play alone with the ball on the strong side, or he can hide in the bottom corner of the weak side as a 3-point gun when Harris has the ball on offense.The killer weapon was harden and Embiid’s pick-and-roll.When Harden gets the ball in the high post with Embiid, towns needs to get to the perimeter, and the Timberwolves have three defensive options, and harden and Embiid split them in this game.The first is a downs choose forward and Edwards double harden, harden immediately pass to shun the grace than, than, after the ball clearly stupidly, he did not seen such a big space, the paint is defending his height is only 1 meter 93 Russell, jumped up and couldn’t reach him holding hands, than hand a shake, two points.The second option is to stay, he needs to face harden breakthrough, in the game, more time is bede ball as a launch point, harden come round cover conveniently breakthrough that led to the ball downs post, the club to bede, he continued to paint big eat small, downs only and war and retreated, watching harden perimeter and toss.Towns tried it both ways during the race and failed.The third is the squeeze screen, because of embiid’s excellent screen quality, Harden actually gets a lot of shots from the outside, the isolation is harden is good at scoring, but in this game, we saw more embiid’s role.When the pick-and-rolls failed to create a misalignment, Embiid would get below the free throw line first, harden would just set up a pass, and defenders on both sides would close to help embiid, leaving open corners on both sides.The crazy thing is, in this game, Harden could pass directly to the weak corner or embiid, who would press inside one more step and then pass to the open perimeter, allowing other teammates with shooting ability to shoot.The numbers were there to back it up, as the 75 players shot 19 of 39 from 3-point range, an awesome 49 percent.This was just harden’s first game with Embiid, and there were plenty of ways to go, but for Harden, the fact that maxi’s ball handling took the physical burden off of harden and made him more motivated and efficient defensively in this game was a positive sign.For Embiid, the sweetness can be summed up in a series of statements of his own.”Harden’s pass was unexpected. I’ve never seen such a wide open pass in my life, really. I didn’t expect it.””It’s not difficult to play with Harden, and it’s not like he doesn’t shoot or have flaws.””I can’t believe this is my life,” Embiid wrote on social media after the game.Harden: I also can’t believe someone drank mineral water as oral liquid!