“Geology and mineral knowledge” gypsum ore resources in Guangxi

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Gypsum ore is nonmetallic mineral for building materials.Mainly used as Portland cement retarder, also used in papermaking, paint industry, as filling material.In the model, sculpture, decoration and other aspects also have a certain use.Gypsum is divided into gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O) and anhydrite (CaSO4).Press the shape that produce and structure, cent is fibrous gesso, alabaster, common gesso, earthy shape gesso (mud plaster) and transparent gesso, among them fibrous gesso and transparent gesso are qualitative puter, other gesso all contain organic matter, clay-like quality and sand grain to wait for interfuse content.Guangxi is rich in gypsum resources, and there are 5 mining areas with proven reserves of gypsum resources, among which dalingtou of Hepu County and Qinling of Qinzhou City are two large deposits, and Putian of Laibin City, Qingtang of Qinzhou City and Sanlong of Lingshan County are three small deposits.The accumulative proved resource reserves (ore) are 120,885,000 tons, ranking the 12th in China.In cement industry, gypsum dosage accounts for about 4 ~ 5% of the total composition of cement.In 2000, Guangxi produced 21.9835 million tons of cement, and gypsum consumption was about 1 million tons. Gypsum produced by Guangxi itself could not meet the needs, so it had to be purchased from other provinces.In 2004, there were 10 mining enterprises mining gypsum ore, producing 142,100 tons of ore, with a total industrial output value of 8.845 million yuan.(This article is from the portal of the District Department of Natural Resources)