How to prevent drunk wine, drunk the second day giddy headache how alleviate

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How to prevent drunkenness is as follows: prevent drunkenness in life, you can eat some food to fill the stomach before drinking, and then do not drink on an empty stomach, so that ethanol can be prolonged in the body absorption time.Pig liver is the best to eat when drinking, not only because of its rich nutrition, and because pig liver can improve the body’s ability to detoxify ethanol, it is a very ideal companion.Can eat a few dessert and fruit after drinking next, maintain not drunk state.As the saying goes, “eat sweet persimmon after drinking, wine taste will disappear,” the fruit contains a lot of fructose, can make ethanol oxidation, make ethanol accelerate decomposition metabolism off, dessert also has roughly similar effect.Tip: To prevent getting drunk, drink some milk before drinking.Will drinking make you fat? It depends.If drinking is just pure drinking, alcoholism, no auxiliary food or eat raw cold, greasy, spicy and high salt, high fat, high sugar food, then pure drinking is easy to lose weight, to lose weight and fat has a certain beneficial effect, because alcohol contains alcohol, alcohol metabolism will consume a lot of ATP.But if you drink too much at the same time also with excessive calorie intake, alcohol consumption when eating more vegetables and assist food salty, oily, will not only hurt to lose weight, also easily lead to obesity Drunk on the second day dizziness have a headache how to alleviate 1, drunk, can use the hot towel apply the forehead, water temperature not more than 45 degrees, so as not to cause skin burns,Hot compress for 10-15 minutes can effectively promote blood circulation in the head and relieve headache symptoms.2. After getting drunk, it is recommended to drink a cup of honey water, which can promote the metabolism of residual alcohol components in the body and relieve symptoms.3, drunk after the second day can also drink a glass of tomato juice to alleviate, tomatoes contain fructose, help accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, promote excretion.