Living in the new house for half a year, more and more things, more and more full of life, I love it

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When we move into a new house, things will slowly grow up, this time to consider whether the owner of a clean, tidy people.Clean up the home, for the children in the family, also learn to love the habit of clean, and the family lives in a clean home, will feel very happy, in fact, this is the meaning of home!It has been almost half a year since the owner’s house moved in. It can be said that there are more and more things in her house, but compared with the time when she first moved in, it is more and more full of life and more like a real home.The whole house decoration positioning log wind, looked at the whole house, really like it, I sincerely hope that my home can install such an effect.Below, take you to have a look, like such effect, when the time comes home decoration can refer to ha!(Photo source owner: Chenchen wants to grow tall) There is an independent entrance hallway, but it was not taken out.What see now is dining-room area, decorated table of square of a piece of log, eating cloth is covered on table, table can protect properly when having dinner, and do cleaning ah can go to the lavatory a lot of.Next to the customization of the upper and lower food side cabinet, the middle of the empty position, you can put some commonly used things.In order not to waste space, but also online shopping appearance level is very high small side cabinet, look like.Dining-room is under the circumstance that did not open advocate lamp, it is the advocate lamp of the sitting room only, illume brightness is enough actually ha.The left side of ark of bespoke eat side still added a cabinet, without any effect, and put here, just give the space to use rise, feel very practical, consider very thoughtful.These cabinets make it easy to put away a lot of things.Eat side ark small detail, designed clapboard, can put a few commonly used water cup.It is fitted with small hills to sense more, and the effect of lighting up is particularly beautiful.Online shopping induction lamp, really worth it, basic every household has such a small hill induction lamp, can put shoe cabinet or meal side cabinet, including toilet and kitchen, will not be limited by space!The result that tea table collocation of sitting room sofa comes out, let a person look very like.To protect sofa appropriately, covering sofa cushion, more bear dirty.The adornment picture of collocation on sofa wall, can have very good ornament effect.Projector can be placed on the wall, mainly the present projector can be taken at any time to ask for his space, without any impact, and automatic focus, more intelligent.Sitting on the sofa and watching TV with family, I feel so happy!Most of the whole space is based on wood color, with some yellow sofa chairs, particularly coordinated!Living room TV background wall did not do a little modeling, there is no choice of TV, there is no projection screen installation, directly with the projector projection wall, you can watch the program, without any impact.But it works better when the lights need to be turned off.Young people basically rarely watch TV, so the installation of projector, also more appropriate ha!If you want to install a projector at home, I suggest you start early, you can enjoy it early!Say strictly meaning, sitting room and dining-room are in a space, did not do partition, divide two Spaces through decorating furniture.It has been nearly half a year since I moved in. Even if there are children at home, I have to clean up.More and more things, but more and more life, more and more home.The choice of flooring flooring, giving a more comfortable feeling, especially great!Corridor the biggest window changed doorway arch namely, can have certain adornment effect, appear individual character more a lot of.Nevertheless, the adornment picture on the wall has not had time to hang on the wall, do not affect the result of whole, adornment sex is pretty good still.Install the small lamp enough lighting brightness, not dazzling!Advocate lie to consider the child in the home to return small, decorated small bed, in the evening when can take care of, feel to consider or more thoughtful ha.Top face did not choose to install condole top, walked a circle gesso line only, more concise, comfortable.To the bedroom, need such a kind of effect ha!Children room decorated a piece of single bed, can have enough position to decorate desk ark, when the time comes the child in the home grew up, can go to the lavatory write homework here or read a book.A small droplight was installed at the side of the head of a bed, which can increase the effect of secondary lighting in the evening.It’s so nice to have a room for a kid’s playhouse.The fences bought online, including some small toys and so on, are bought online, the price is cheap, and the quality is more reliable.Give the child at home a happy childhood life, let a person envy it!There are two toilets in the home, the choice of tonal pink, blue, the effect is very beautiful.A shower curtain to do dry and wet separation, another did not do dry and wet separation, do not affect the use.See such toilet, feel house advocate can enjoy very much.Share to end here, the whole house of the whole log wind effect really like, although a lot of things, but are basically put up, people will not feel crowded things.It is not a very long time to stay for almost half a year, and the home must be cleaned up.Like this home very much, share it with you, also hope you can like it!