Please struggle!Early morning night scene feeling essay

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It is 12:27 in the morning. I wanted to go to sleep, but suddenly I saw a corner of the school night scene on the balcony of the dormitory. I felt a little comfortable.In the four years of college, I have been confused, tangled, nervous, but not this comfortable feeling.How can I say, I have experienced a lot in the four years of university, but I did not study hard, and now when I am about to graduate, IT is too late to regret.It is impossible to say that I do not regret it, but I have no choice but to accept my fate, rather than to say that I accept my fate and do not say so to relive the turning point of my future life.I’ll graduate in a few months, and I’m really confused because I don’t feel like I’ve learned much in my four years at college.This is not to say that my school is not good, but I have forgotten a lot of what I have learned. I have no idea what my life will be like after graduation and entering the enterprise, and what kind of technology and skills I need to learn to live a better life in the enterprise.Looking back on the four years of college life, only the freshman year and the second semester of the senior year can make me feel less pressure.When I was a freshman, OF course, I didn’t have to think so much. I had a lot of classes in sophomore and junior years. In addition, falling in love took away part of my energy, so I was really tired in those two years.It wasn’t that college was hard, it was that I knew I was starting to spend a lot of money, and I started thinking of ways to make money, but it was all a waste of time.Fortunately, I didn’t fail, but I wasn’t particularly good either.But what have I gained in these two years?I think the answer is “nothing”.I am a lazy person, so to speak, I don’t like studying very much. From another perspective, I can understand and focus my attention on one thing.Of course, with the growth of age, I also slowly learn how to do a thing seriously, but my college life is coming to an end, my heart is still a little sad.For those of you who don’t want to go to school or dormitory, of course, there is still a little fear of entering the society. I am afraid that I will have to rely on myself in the future. I am afraid that I will get married and buy a house in the future.Sometimes I really want to travel without hesitation, but my vision and study and living environment really limit me.I really envy those students in my circle of friends who are admitted to big cities and good schools, and others in my class who are able to study hard and go to graduate schools. Their life is totally different from mine in the future.Maybe ten years later we can meet in the same city or work together, but our experiences are totally different.I need to pay several times more than them in the work to catch up with them, they can fight at the age of the most can fight, in their own most can fight at the age of the fight.I don’t know what I write so disorderly want to express, funny to say, I am close to graduation but feel a little comfortable in my heart.But if I had to go back in time I’d try again.Yes, I regret, regret at the beginning of city life, I also want to and who can see this article, at the age of to be able to fight, please fight a, at least for their dreams, to struggle for the expected life, after decades or a few years to review their struggle of the time, I believe that we will not regret it.