Elements of the Winter Olympics decorate London’s century-old landmark

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London, February 15 (Xinhua) –The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.In London, the “Olympic City” with many sports fans, a historic landmark has been dressed up as part of a campaign to bring it closer to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Burlington Arcade, a 200-year-old street, has deliberately turned its 180-meter shopping corridor into a long ice track.Along the ‘course’, oncoming skiers, skiers racing past and athletes flying overhead – these winter Olympics fixtures were chosen in bright, festive red.Photo taken on Feb. 9, 2019 shows the installation of the Winter Olympics in Burlington Arcade in London, Britain.Trudy Shah, director of the Burlington Arcade, told reporters that as many countries are closely watching the Beijing Winter Olympics and cheering on their athletes, burlington Arcade is following the global trend of redecorating with winter Olympics elements.”The Olympic spirit is about unity, mutual identity and friendship,” she said, adding that China is sending such a positive message by hosting the Winter Olympics in Beijing. “The Winter Olympics are a good start to 2022.”Burlington Arcade staff introduce installations for the Winter Olympics in London, Britain, Feb. 9, 2019.Mark Rhodes, a staff member, told the reporter that he has worked at The Burlington Arcade for 20 years and has witnessed an increase in Chinese tourists, and that the idea of decorating the arcade with Elements from the Beijing Winter Olympics is “great”.He watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing last week. “It was an incredible mix of magnificent history and culture and new technologies, showcasing the diversity of China,” he said.(Reporters: Zhao Xiaona, Huang Zemin, Jin Jing;Reporter: Huang Qin Yao;Produced by Xinhua News Agency International Department and All Media Editorial Center in London