Escort of Genting competition area: interlocking!Build a Great Wall of China

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The ice and snow festival under the epidemic attracted worldwide attention.Overcoming the epidemic and ensuring the smooth holding of the event is the ultimate goal and direction of all the organizers.The epidemic prevention area is urgent.With the aim of strictly complying with epidemic prevention policies, Swellfun · Genting Competition Area distillery serves the event and guarantees the personal safety and food safety of guests present.Located deep in the closed loop, The Wine shop of Shui Jing Fang · Genting Competition Area is duty-bound to assume the responsibility of escorting the competition in this invisible battle.China’s ice and snow front consists of 11 closed transmission areas outside the closed loop and one independent transmission area inside the closed loop.In order to effectively prevent the outbreak of the epidemic, the front staff should take temperature tests and throat swabs every day from entering the closed loop to the end of the China Ice and Snow Pageant.And take the special vehicle inside the closed loop to avoid contact with the outside world.Within the closed loop, personnel are strictly confined to the designated area.To ensure a safe environment on the front line, all staff entering and leaving the hotel are required to identify their eligibility to stay by showing identification at the door of a high-tech machine deployed at each hotel — a negative nucleic acid report within 24 hours.It is worth mentioning that from 7 am to 10 PM every day, there is a free nucleic acid testing site downstairs in every residential building. People in front of them can easily share their personal epidemic prevention information in a closed loop by scanning the QR code on their personal certificates.In addition to the efforts made in personnel health monitoring, the dining environment in the closed loop also has extremely strict requirements.To transfer the Chinese wine culture to the world, and to give the court the inner ice and snow athlete provides reliable logistical support, shui jing fang designated as China’s ice conference with wine, determined to support the epidemic will turn into practical action, ice and snow festival in China is the most special set up ahead, shui jing fang genting division, distillery had, through strict sanitizers work, put inside the ring and epidemic prevention barriers.It is understood that the staff of the wine shop in the Competition area of Swellfun · Yunding will turn on the ultraviolet lamp every day before business to ensure that the time of elimination is not less than half an hour.After the ultraviolet lamp elimination, the workshop staff will wear protective clothing, in the workshop without leaving any dead spots to spray.In order to avoid contact infection, except for serving food and necessary activities, the staff of Swizhfun · Genting Competition Area should always stand at the reception desk or entrance, and the staff should not stay for a long time in the private rooms.The staff busy in the front hall of the wine Shop in Shui Jing Fang · Genting Competition Area will wear four protective suits — masks, eye masks, non-woven hats and medical gloves on time every day to welcome ice guests from all over the country.The wine shop of Shui Jing Fang · Genting Competition Area is strictly epidemic prevention to ensure the dining environment, hygiene and food safety in front of the restaurant, escorting the event of ice and snow.Ensure that every guest comes to the wine shop of Swellfun · Genting competition area safely and safely.We believe that the aesthetic culture of Chinese high-end liquor will be successfully transmitted to the wider ice and snow world at the closing of the China Ice and snow Festival through the high level service of Swellfun for 16 consecutive days.As a partner of China Ice and Snow Conference, Swellfun is committed to blending the “confidence of a powerful country” of China ice and snow into wine.The previous two ice and snow products, Shuijingfang Ice and Snow Collection Edition and Jingtai Ice and snow Edition, have successfully integrated ice and snow sports elements with sports spirit, and paid tribute to the Spirit of Chinese ice and snow by selecting the most ornamental ice and snow events in the bottom of the bottle.Shuijingfang Ice & Snow Collection edition and Jingtai Ice & Snow Board build a solid foundation for front-line epidemic prevention and safety to ensure the safe pursuit of the ice & snow competition.In the efficient protection of the loop, the triumph of China’s snow and ice will be played again.Let’s toast to China and cheer for China ice and snow together with Swellfun.Look forward to that a bright Chinese red, continue to fly in the ice and snow game at the top.