Mianyang | “Double Heart” project lets you feel at ease when consuming a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to let you understand

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What do consumers want?Small straight feel the most important is to eat at ease, buy comfortable.At present, Mianyang is in accordance with the province’s arrangements for the construction of a comfortable consumer environment, to carry out the “double heart” project, to create the most comfortable consumer environment for the citizens.Wangshuyuan, new area of science and technology City, has a large LED screen, which shows the consumption index of wangshuyuan block.You can clearly see the name of the merchant and the index. The higher the index, the higher the ranking of the merchant, which means the higher the confidence and comfort of consumers when entering the store.The index is divided into five categories: certificate publicity, comprehensive evaluation, subject self-examination, intelligent kitchen and market supervision.Subject self-examination, certification publicity, intelligent kitchen is required to complete the relevant report to score;Market supervision is the score given by municipal supervisors according to daily supervision.The subject of comprehensive evaluation is consumers. The two-dimensional code of “comfortable consumption” is set in front of the door of the merchant, and consumers can directly participate in the index scoring by scanning the code.”Five dimensions” score synthesis, the final formation of merchants “double heart index”.Since its operation in 2020, the city has built 162 “double heart” points in business districts, farmers’ markets, scenic spots and other consumer concentration areas, involving nearly 4,000 businesses.In Wangshuyuan, for example, the number of consumer complaints in the whole block dropped by 80 percent year-on-year during this year’s Spring Festival.”For companies, there is both pressure and motivation.Pressure is the front office kitchen and other links dare not neglect.Power is that we do a good job in all aspects, naturally won the consumer’s word of mouth.”A restaurant lobby manager Li Hangyu said.In addition, mianyang Market Supervision Administration has launched an “online mediation platform” with science and Technology City New Area as a pilot.Consumers in the process of consumption is not satisfied with things, can scan the business front “rest assured and comfortable” consumption TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, enter the consumer complaints interface, initiate complaints.Market supervision department staff through the way of tripartite video, inviting businesses and consumers together, online mediation.”The biggest benefit is that it can solve the problems consumers encounter when they consume at the merchant in a timely manner. It is very convenient and fast, so that consumers run less.During this year’s Spring Festival, we solved five complaints through three-party video mediation, with a 100% satisfaction rate.”Mianyang City Market supervision bureau science and technology city new District branch horticulture market supervision institute director Yang Wei said.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Reporter: Tang Tao Editor: Wang Yuexuan