Revice: Menda falls off a cliff. Will superman return?

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In the latest episode of Kamen Rider Revice, Menda falls off a cliff after being attacked by Demons from Euluga.But always feel the justice of the superman Menda, not so easy to get lunch box, will certainly return in the follow-up plot, and once again become the justice of kamen Rider!Since Menda’s body is already over 80 years old, he forced himself into Demons, but there’s no way he can turn again.So Menda hesitated for a long time before deciding to quit.Can put on ordinary clothes in the field, ready to leave phoenix organization, but found boss Red stone hero and Eulutega in the deal, justice of the field can not be tolerated, directly rushed out.But then the Phoenix spacecraft began to malfunction and was about to hit the ground.After fighting the junior demon summoned by Euluga, Menda runs back to the control room to take control of the ship with Igarashi.Then Menda uttered the mantra, “I’ll save the ship with my life,” and Phoenix’s ship was saved.Igarashi sophomore and turned into Kamen Knights Demons Olutega battle, in the most critical moment, Menda successfully arrived.Picked up the double-sided drive, ready to bet life guard Igarashi sophomore.However, Euluga turned into Kamen Knights Demons are very powerful, facing Kamen Knights Revi volcano Tyrannosaurus dragon form, Kamen Knights Vice broken tyrannosaurus dragon form, and Igarashura kamen Knights Jeanne, the three siege is unable to defeat Euluga.Then Mentian stands up and smiles to entrust everything to the igarashi siblings.Mentian’s smile, look at people very uncomfortable, really is not willing to leave such mentian.It felt like a plot killing, as Euluga’s Demons turned into Kamen Knights unleashed powerful Demons that knocked out not only the Igarashi trio, but also menda in the distance.Mentian was directly bombed to the cliff, fifty arashi three siblings including Wes are Shouting the name of mentian.But unfortunately, there is no use, Mentian can really be a short offline!But it doesn’t mean Menda has to pick up his lunch box, because falling under a cliff usually means entering a safe zone. Hopefully, in the plot after Kamen Rider Revice, Menda can return again.In fact, for the present Menda, his short departure is also a good thing!Menda’s childhood dream was to become a hero, and he finally turned into Demons, but he couldn’t because of his physical problems.And a boss who takes good care of himself, replaced by a freak attack.Once the same period of good friends also betrayed, the door field to save the soul of good friends, pain will set her free.Such a situation is unacceptable to Menda.Although the cruel truth makes Menda sad, but after falling off the cliff, Menda will surely rise from the ashes, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.Through all the harsh realities, Menda is sure to become an even stronger Kamen Rider.Because Menda, the Demons that fans will always know as superman, is the only Kamen Rider.How do you like the character Of Menda?Want to know more exciting content, come to the cartoon tokusatsu fan brother