Shidong town of Gao LAN County Ming Xing village: spring ploughing potato planting busy at that time

2022-07-22 0 By

Ridging machines and mulching machines shuttled back and forth in the fields, while the villagers were busy fertilizing, sowing and raising soil…On March 28, in the shidong town of Gaolan County, the fields of Mingxing Village, the villagers are busy sowing red sand potato, the fields are busy scene.”In order to take advantage of the good weather and good soil moisture, we worked overtime to make sure the red yam was planted on time.”At present, Shidong Town is focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the production of spring ploughing at the same time to carry out spring ploughing work in 2022.At the planting site, a part of the plot that has been sown has been covered with film.Technicians told reporters that mechanized operations shorten the ditching, soil covering, ridge, film covering time, greatly improved the planting efficiency.The film mulch provides the light, temperature and humidity needed to grow the potato, providing a warm coat for the red yam.”Last year, I planted 12 mu of land, and the net income of 12 mu can reach 40,000 yuan. This year, I have expanded 5 mu.”Poverty alleviation wei Wanyi happily said.Star red sand potato “potato skin bright, skin is light earth color or light brown, moderate size, good quality, high starch and crude protein content, rich nutrition.It is understood that this batch of potatoes will be harvested at the end of July, is expected to yield more than 6000 pounds per mu, mainly sold to large supermarkets, agricultural products trading markets.”We will continue to adopt the planting mode of ‘Party branch co-op + farmers’ and provide consumers with healthy and green products in accordance with standard healthy and green food planting methods.We will use our brains to increase farmers’ income and give ideas to further promote the development of industrial chain layout, so as to steadily enhance the supply capacity of high-quality specialty agricultural products and boost rural revitalization with industrial development.”Mingxing Village party branch secretary Yang Qinqian said.County Rong Media Center reporter Wang Jiali Correspondent Wei Jinwen editor wang Jiali audit Yan Weiping