AirTag sparked a tracking crisis, and now Apple has finally stepped in

2022-07-23 0 By

AirTag is a lost-proof item designed by Apple to solve the problem of lost objects, but it has been a controversial item ever since its introduction.While the AirTag appears on the surface to be a very useful device, in reality it has proven to have serious security issues.Of course, people find lost wallets or luggage thanks to Apple’s gadget, which seems like a nice gadget to use, but there are still a lot of criminals who use it as a tracker, posing a threat to some people’s safety.So apple is taking a number of steps to prevent this from happening.New Privacy Warning Apple will improve the notifications users see on their iphones when an unknown Find My accessory is detected nearby.In the past, users might have seen a vague “unknown accessory detected” alert on the iPhone lock screen and in the Find My app.Now Apple says those alerts will be clearer and will identify the exact accessory.For example, if an unknown pair of AirPods Pro is detected “moving with you,” the alert will explicitly say “AirPods Pro detected” instead of “Unknown accessory detected.”This way, you’ll quickly know what it is and won’t be able to ignore its warnings.Now Apple says it’s going to optimize its precision Find feature so that it can locate unwanted airtags in their vicinity, rather than just those tied to their own IDS.Now Apple is extending AirTag’s existing security feature, which allows item tracking to make sounds when separated from its owner at random times in 8 and 24 hour intervals.And when the sound starts, an alert will appear on nearby iPhone users, allowing them to move quickly by playing the sound again or using precision lookup, mainly to prevent their AirTag speakers from being tampered with.This update is only for iPhone users. Android users may need to use the Tracker Detect app, but it’s not perfect and can only scan the user’s environment after opening it, so there are still security concerns for Android users.