Chicken farm, with the pattern, not to make money is difficult

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Chicken farm, want to earn steadily, still get this wave SAO operation: please look carefully.No matter what you do, if you want to make money for sure, play the mode.Today we are going to talk about the chicken farm profit model.We do this model on the basis of membership. Each person becomes a member and pays 99 yuan as a member.Membership is made by the year. Once you become a member, you can get a chicken worth 99 yuan at the end of the year and eggs worth 9 yuan per month.If you take the chicken in advance, you need to pay a penalty of 20 yuan.Nine yuan eggs, usually around 20.For most people, twenty eggs a month is not enough.Any extra, I’ll buy from you.If you eat 12 chickens a year, you can eat 20 eggs a month for free in the next year.In this way, not only do chickens sell well, but eggs also sell well. Membership not only promotes consumption, but also binds customers.Gradually, people around you will be buying chickens and eggs from you.What do you think of this model?Please leave your comments in the comments section.Also welcome everyone to pay attention to me, read the article in front of me, will be helpful to your rural production and life.