Low profile!Zhang Yimou doesn’t even have a driver?”Sniper” hits record box office

2022-07-23 0 By

At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games on February 4, Zhang Yimou presented an audio-visual feast featuring the perfect blend of Chinese culture and ice and snow to the people of the country and even the world.Netizens have praised Zhang Yimou: too understand the Romance of Chinese people!Such a magnificent and splendid opening ceremony, cannot leave Zhang Yimou and other staff behind the hard work.After the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, a colleague posted a video of Zhang leaving alone.When Zhang Yimou walked to his car, he expected a driver to wait for him.Unexpectedly, he took off his down jacket and put it in the back seat.Then he opened the front door, got in the driver’s seat and drove off alone.You know, Zhang Yimou is a great director and his status is there.Besides, he’s 72 years old, so hiring a driver is perfectly normal!Can not expect so hard zhang, not even a driver, but also drive their own.Have to say, Zhang Yimou is really too low-key, too grounding gas!When it comes to Zhang Yimou, he has to mention his directorial work “Sniper”, which was unfairly screened during the Chinese New Year due to fierce competition. Audiences had to get up early and stay late to see “Sniper”.That’s why snipers never did well at the box office.However, after the opening ceremony, according to Maoyan data, Sniper’s screening increased, and the box office also set new highs. On the fifth day of The Chinese New Year, the box office reached 51.05 million yuan, 3.8 million more than the 48.25 million yuan on the first day of release. And on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the film’s box office reached 53.74 million yuan, setting a new single-day record.In addition to being influenced by the Winter Olympics, “Sniper” is also the highest-rated film by Cat eye during the Spring Festival.Visible, “sniper” word of mouth or good!Not only that, “sniper” also magnify recruit at the same time, release price notice!The settlement ticket price will be reduced by 5 yuan respectively.”Sniper” shows full of sincerity!So far, Maoyan has predicted the total box office of Sniper at around 600 million yuan, according to this data analysis, it seems a little difficult to hit 1 billion yuan in theory.But if critical reviews continue to explode, it’s not impossible to hit a billion.”Sniper” as a war film, without excessive emotional rendering, is completely realistic to depict the cruelty of small battlefield.Just like the Winter Olympics, Zhang uses his own unique style of expression to hide many exciting plots in the film.So, you will because zhang Yimou, to fill a “Sniper” movie ticket?