One Piece 1038 words: Ezang against CP0, Rho and Kyd fought hard against auntie, Sauron was near death

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Earlier in one Piece, the battle between Luffy and Kaido had reached its climax, with Kaido first using a move similar to drunken fist called “Wine Dragon Gossip.”On the other side, the world government’s fleet was slowly approaching the Kingdom of Peace, and on their way they encountered a giant elephant Lord.In the comic’s latest 1038-word Intel (from the Talkop forum), the footage moves on to other battles on Ghost Island.Among them, Thunder and Fu Lu Shou is still in the state of mutual control, and the fire has burned to them, but not two people are still not untie now, it seems to be ready to die together, together in the fire.Meanwhile, Joba worries about sauron, who is facing a white death with a skull face and a scythe.On the other side of the castle, CP0 is on their way to capture Robin after defeating Drake. However, in the process of capturing Robin, CP0 meets With Tibet. They want to suggest that they go their separate ways, after all, they have urgent business, but Tibet still calls them off.At ghost Island’s powder magazine, Yamato prepares to stop the fire demon by attacking it.Finally the picture came to kidd, luo and aunt of the battlefield, Kidd and Luo have been knocked down to the ground, aunt want to go and Kaido meet, but Kidd and Luo climbed up to continue to attack aunt, two people said even if dead will not let aunt up on the roof.The above is the information content of “One Piece” cartoon 1038 temporarily. From the plot point of view, the following content should temporarily skip luffy and Kaido’s battle, and first tell the battle of aunt, Luo and Kidd.From the current plot, kidd and Luo two supernova strength and Aunt there is a certain gap, whether they can beat aunt or an unknown.In addition, Sauron faces a white god of death with a skull face and a sickle in his hand. I personally think this god of death is sauron’s hallucination.After all, sauron had been taking magic drugs that had side effects, and he had been in a terrible battle, and now he was supposed to be badly wounded and dying, so he could meet the god of Death who was trying to take his life.There is also Israel Tibet and CP0 side, if there is no accident, the two sides should break out a battle, but Israel Tibet is CP0’s opponent, there should be a question mark, after all, CP0 defeated Drake, Apu and manbully.Finally, what do you think about the content of one Piece’s 1038 message?Leave a comment below.