Shen Mengchen drives 3 million luxury car, inside the car dig nose ground gas, net friend: whole nose all like this

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Celebrity plastic surgery is not new, but after plastic surgery often leave sequelae, because the place is different, so the sequelae are not the same.Recently, Shen Mengchen is met by chance on the road, the Shen Mengchen of element yan, wear rice white cotton-padded suit, the head wears white baseball cap, end work plan drives home.She walked up to a new car, apparently a new one.This is a blue Bentley with a market value of 2.75 million to 3.54 million yuan, which is still the price of naked cars. Generally, celebrities choose cars that are customized or top matching, but Shen mengchen’s car is worth more than 3.5 million yuan.Photos of the sleek blue Bentley show it looking pretty, understated and luxurious.Shen Mengchen serves as female star, have film and television work rarely now, basically rely on host to make money, look these years, Shen Mengchen became host to earn a lot of money.The Shen Mengchen that sits in the car relaxes come down, dig nostril very earthing gas in the car, original female star is private also and common people same, do not have what idol burden.A blogger wrote that she couldn’t smell fresh air after turning over a car with her nose.Another netizen said that his friend’s nose injury left sequelae, boogers are very much, to play often, it is estimated that nose surgery is like this.In fact, earlier years, Shen Mengchen and now do grow some different, at that time her face is wider, jaw line is obvious, facial features are not, now delicate, small eyes and big nose.But now Shen Mengchen’s cheeks became a lot thinner, nose is also very narrow, early in the happy camp, exposed the traces of plastic surgery.But anyway, now Shen Mengchen is indeed a lot more beautiful, compared to the risk of plastic surgery, the star’s appearance is a rice bowl, if not delicate, there will be no fans like them.Since lost “happy camp” after, du Haitao’s career slide, Shen Mengchen’s career began to rise straight, also won the mango stage Spring Festival Gala host qualification, become mango stage a host.Du Haitao refuses to accept Shen Mengchen all the time to urge marriage, but he also often satisfies all sorts of princess dream of Shen Mengchen, the luxury car that Shen Mengchen likes, Du Haitao says to send send, the feeling of two people is stable, be reluctant to marry tardily.Shen Mengchen once complained that Du Haitao even tornado can not move.Also don’t know if it because of the relationship between cosmetic, just let the handsome don’t want to accept Shen Mengchen, or because Shen Mengchen soil girl temperament, let the handsome haven’t thought good, only then a few years but the woman’s youth, missed out on the back, really drag Shen Mengchen don’t want to get married, handsome even penitence all too late.