Su youpeng, 48, has lost his appearance and gained weight while recording the theme song of the Winter Olympics

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The theme song “Together for the Future” has been released to coincide with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, featuring the participation of more than 100 musicians and filmmakers.Su forwarded it on weibo, and posted: “The more I love the more I look forward to the future, the more I love the more wonderful the future!”But his appearance has caused many netizens to comment.When the MV singing scene to Su, everyone found that he was swollen around, almost unrecognizable, and the early years of a different person.Su, 48, who began his career as the Little Tigers with Nicky Wu and Tony Chen more than 30 years ago, has moved his focus of acting to the mainland in recent years, singing the theme song of the Beijing Winter Olympics.But his entire facial features in the video look very different from those in his early years.When su youpeng was young, he was a “lovely student with excellent grades”, who could sing and dance, and was the male god in the hearts of countless fans.As an adult, Su has starred in classic films and TV dramas such as My Fair Princess, Love Deep rain, Relying on Heaven to Kill the Dragon and The Wind, and has always won audiences’ love for his handsome image.But as he got older, in his 40s, he was repeatedly questioned.His small insides became obvious outsides and his eyes became much bigger.His nose became higher and straighter, his chin became finer and smaller, his features more refined than before, and his overall appearance improved greatly.Rumors about his plastic surgery and injections have been around for years, but Su has not admitted to these doubts, only saying that the aesthetic difference is caused by makeup, the aesthetic illusion caused by too much makeup.But in the video, his nose is rounder and there is a slight dent around his eyes.Su hasn’t been photographed in the sun for a long time.A few days ago, he posed for a rare New Year’s photo, sitting on a high stool in a gray suit and smiling.Even at 48, she is in excellent shape and shape, although her smile looks slightly unnatural.After several recent photos of him were exposed, some netizens said that he looked so fat that he had to add at least 5 kilograms to the photo.However, some netizens said: “Middle-aged fat is a blessing, still very handsome.””It feels good to be 48 and still look 29.”Getting older is inevitable in middle age, but for many stars who rely on their looks for a living, they are fighting tooth and tooth to stay young.Female stars love medical beauty, and many male stars are no exception.Su, who has never been married, has always been single and looks much younger than his peers.And in addition to getting help from outside forces, he’s also working on his fitness.He does yoga and goes to the gym to look younger.How would you rate his form?