Vera Wang doesn’t think of herself as a senior, wearing a short jacket with a cliff-skirt and a skinny figure that takes the edge off

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When you stick to black and white, you’re playing it safe, but it’s hard to make an impression.If you want to take your beauty to the next level, try wearing bright colors. Not only will they show off your bold fashion attitude, but they can also help you lose five years of your life.Vera Wang, even at 70+ years old, can still wear bright colors with ease, so what can’t we young people do?In this article, I will share some tips for wearing bright colors with you, using Vera Wang as an example.Color slightly convergence lip color: look at the color of skin bright color to wear actually does not refer to ordinary color, but refers to those higher brightness color, it will look particularly bright, at the same time can also give a person a lively and relaxed atmosphere.If it is just contact with bright colors to wear the sisters, must be in the choice of color convergence, pure color will be relatively safe, it as far as possible to reduce the impact of color fluctuations on the fashion sense of modeling.At this time, pure color modeling will pay more attention to the role of skin foil, so must be combined with their skin color to make a careful choice.Maybe we are used to the description of yellow and black skin to describe their skin, but in the light color collocation, it is more necessary to know whether they are cold skin or warm skin.A cool girl who wants to show off her advanced look needs to wear bright colors with cool colors like blue and green so she doesn’t look dusty.Warm skin girls need to use warm colors like red and yellow to complement their skin tone so they don’t look dark.Of course, in terms of yellow and black skin, yellow and black skin should be as far as possible to reduce the brightness and saturation of the color, in order to achieve the effect of endurance.In addition to choosing solid colors, it seems that there is a better solution to wear bright colors, which is to combine basic colors with bright colors.The basic colors are what we often call black, white and gray. They are very pure in the expression of colors and show a simple high-level beauty.Therefore, the basic color and the bright color can play a complementary role, the basic color makes the bright color publicity has a good convergence space, and the bright color makes the basic color of the item become more vibrant, so that the simple beauty of the modeling is not too simple and boring.If you still want to bring out the richness of color in bright colors, matching colors is the best way to do it.The combination under same lubricious department can let colorific change span is narrowed, although appeared so bump color, also won’t let a person feel a bit too grandiose jump.But it should be noted that even the color combination of the same color system should be adjusted on the basis of maintaining the consistency of color lightness.Otherwise the elements change too much, but also to everyone’s visual burden, resulting in aesthetic fatigue.Large area show skin design Wang Wei Wei does not regard oneself as old people, short jacket matches “cliff skirt”, the figure is a little thin to reduce cent.Bright color modelling actually light from the choice of color is enough to attract the eye, so the rest of the need to do is to “do subtraction”.The most straightforward way to do this is to incorporate skin-revealing designs, such as a strapless top or a thigh-baring miniskirt, so that bright colors can be avoided directly.Or add a partition design between the upper and lower clothes to avoid the large volume of bright colors, which is also a small skill you can use when choosing bright colors to wear.Choose light material Wang Weiwei still has the queen of wedding dress aura, red gauze skirt with hate day high, zha bright zha wear really high-profile.From the perspective of material, tulle is also a sign of subtraction, because its semi-perspective effect creates a sense of ethereality, so that the publicity and high profile of bright colors are weakened a lot.Moreover, tulle itself is also thin and light. Solid materials such as velvet and cashmere will look extra heavy when combined with bright colors. However, tulle can still maintain the lightness and flexibility of the shape, so it also avoids the possibility of turning over the shape.Light colors have an amplifying effect compared to dark colors, so they can make the whole person look heavier, even for slender girls.When the line of the whole person is widened, we need to make longitudinal adjustments to lengthen the height ratio.Can raise the position of lumbar line for example, or it is the line of both legs all exposed, again collocation on a pair of appearance high-heeled shoes, can get twice the result with half the effort.Of course, accessories, makeup, hair and other details need to be added to the look, so they need to give way to bright colors.Accessories, for example, should be small. Necklaces or earrings that are exaggerated or too sparkly don’t work well with bright colors.On the one hand, it puts too much emphasis on the look, giving the impression of trying too hard.On the other hand, this will also let everyone ignore the focus of modelling, the supporting role robbed the leading role of the halo, but the loss is not worth the gain.In addition to the degree of Angle, including the color of accessories should also be carefully considered, also follow the above color matching principle, but try not to choose the same color and clothing accessories, the sense of existence is too low.Choose the basic color or is the same color department deserve to act the role of is more desirable, still can have certain echo feeling on color, completely revealed your wonderful collocation strength and fashion expression.With the cold season almost over, spring is the time to wear bright and delicate colors, especially for our bold and fashionable young people.Because color is expressive, only bright color can interpret our youth and vitality incisively and vividly.So don’t be afraid to try bright colors. After learning these tips, you have mastered the correct way to wear bright colors.