A person who wants to become rich is advised to start with this small action

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In fact, many people do not understand the truth of money. Sometimes we always think that money is not necessary, not a very important thing, and the goal of their wealth is not very clear.Similarly, getting rich is not what you want, the belief that money is evil, that rich people are unhappy, and so on.The book “Dog Money money” says that you have to really want to be rich, so you have to find 10 reasons why you want to be rich, which you can write down in your notebook, and then when you’re done, you can choose the three most important ones.Let’s say you want to travel to Europe on your own for a week.This is an important reason to get rich.Then you need to go online and collect pictures of your dreams.At the same time, I make my own dream album. Now I have made my dream album for many years. Every day, I will frequently open and watch it several times to see my dream, and in my brain, I constantly imagine the beautiful picture of realizing my dream.Read it frequently every day. When there is something about your dream, you will pay extra attention to it.After all, your brain only remembers what your subconscious needs.The subconscious mind is like our storehouse, except that it can expand infinitely and take in more things, so that it is 10 times larger than our conscious mind.So this visual image, this dream album, all activates our subconscious.Remember last year my dream list wrote to go to the seaside can go to see the sea, posted is a person in the seaside dress, barefoot, walking on the beach, and then there was a chance someone asked me to go to Qingdao?I immediately realized that another of my dreams was coming true.Later ON, I realized many dreams in my dream album. Only then did I realize the great power of dream album and visualization dream.At this time, many people will mention that everyone is eager to enjoy, but how to better realize their dream of wealth?Make more money?In good times everyone can make money, but it is in bad times that everything is revealed.Those who are highly successful not only have a strong belief, but also the ability to perform well even in their most difficult times.They don’t preach that money is evil, but they firmly believe that in order to live a happy life, people have to change themselves. It has nothing to do with money. Money itself doesn’t make people happy or unhappy, money is neutral.I clearly remember oneself in learning financial education before, has been influenced by my parents, they think that the rich are capitalists, by exploiting the Labour of others and the time of others, so as to create their own wealth, so the rich man is a Wolf in sheep’s clothing, then by my own research and in social experience, I feel completely different,Rich people will use their wealth to organize charity meetings and funds to help people in need. They can do what they want. They are intelligent and extremely altruistic.Changing the way you think about people with money is the biggest step in your personal growth. Ask yourself, what do you think about money?How do you feel about money?Welcome to share.