Epidemic Prevention Help platform | More than 20 hotel apartment tenants suffered from “food crisis”, the civil affairs department promptly sent food supplies

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Eastday.com reporter Fu Wenjing reported on April 4: No food, no food, and even faced a water crisis…A citizen surnamed Zhang left a message on Eastday on April 2 asking for help, saying she and more than 20 other residents of a serviced apartment building were struggling during the closure.On the morning of April 4, eastday.com reporter called Miss Zhang and learned that the civil affairs department had received help and had sent food and daily necessities on April 3, so far their daily life has been basically guaranteed.According to Zhang, there were 22 tenants in her serviced apartment located on Pudong South Road in Pudong New Area. All of them were young people like her, mainly white-collar workers working nearby or college students taking part in internships.”With one security guard and one janitor, there are 24 people.Since March 16th, we have been closed for 5 days due to positive cases in the neighboring community.It was closed again on March 24 and has been closed ever since.”Although the apartment is located next to the neighborhood, it does not belong to the neighborhood.”The apartment is not under the jurisdiction of the community and community services are not covered.”Miss Zhang revealed that the residents’ committee and relevant departments could not be contacted for several days, and there was only a few instant noodles left inside. Many households were facing food shortages, and some even drank tap water for two days.”We can’t grab vegetables, and we don’t have the ability and scale to store dozens of jin of vegetables and fruits, and we’ve been told through various channels that the transportation can’t hit the road.”Moreover, because the rooms of serviced apartments have no kitchen, the refrigerator capacity is very small, and most of the tenants are short-term tenants, so there is a lack of food storage conditions, many people even do not have utensils.”I saw Eastday.com on Weibo and left a message for help.”After receiving information for help, eastday.com called Miss Zhang to verify the situation, miss Zhang did not expect mobile phone down contact.Later, eastday net many staff for Miss Zhang mobile phone recharge, finally got through the phone.After verification, the information was conveyed to the civil affairs department through Eastday, and the follow-up assistance work was quickly implemented.”Twenty cases of instant noodles, six cases of skim milk, fourteen cases of yogurt, two cases of bananas, two cases of apples, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce.”Zhang recounted the supplies she received on April 3, “enough to eat for at least a week, and the apartment owner said they could cook in their staff kitchen.”In addition, the civil affairs department also sent 20 packets of sanitary napkins as an emergency as most of the households were female.When asked about the health of the residents in the apartment, Zhang also revealed that the nucleic acid test results of 24 people were negative.People were anxious because of the lack of food, but now they are much better.”I was touched. I really appreciate it.”Zhang said, “The help to us was very timely, from my feedback to their arrival, it was a matter of one night.”Source: Eastday.com