Fifth personality: Buy periphery also want “suffer anger”?Players buy products on behalf of the other party, but ridicule!

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Hello, everyone! This is the channel of Fun Youjun. I’m glad to share information about fifth personality with you!As many players know, The Fifth Personality has been in operation for more than three years and will soon be officially celebrating its fourth anniversary.Although the official operation has been running for a long time, we can find that the peripheral props made by the official are not bright. Although there are a lot of products in the peripheral shopping malls, these products are not favorable to people.In fact, if there is no comparison, it may not be obvious to the player, but the comparison will make it clear.How big is the gap between these products, especially around the official cafe of foreign service before, really make Chinese service players greedy, many players also choose to buy, and the result is to buy around the “suffer”?Players buy products on behalf of the other party, but ridicule!So what’s going on?Let’s follow the fun you to watch it, patience, you will harvest!First of all, let’s talk about what’s going on around the Chinese server, so players can understand how uncomfortable it is for these Chinese servers to like their friends around them.We also looked at it carefully in the mall, it is found that the current in the manor more selling around in the mall are a character prototype of dolls, seems particularly dull, is the original initial skin into a miniature version of the cloth doll, no design inspiration, can say is no attentively, can finish the official contract to just anyone.And it seems that domestic peripheral products do not care about how, few will really design some beautiful peripheral, so every time I see it is very depressing.However, it is not the same around the service, especially in the recent official production of the service cafe, we can clearly feel that the service is very serious.They re – made every character, so that the character looks particularly good, but also because of the outer service surrounding, let the player circle immediately boiling up.In order to get these characters, these players have to find a large number of foreign players to help them buy these accessories.There was nothing wrong with this, but what was really annoying was the reaction of the foreign server players, because there were so many people buying it that there was a purchase limit around it.As a result, many foreign server players cannot sell these accessories, so they start to joke on social platforms, saying that all Chinese server players come, so it affects the balance of the market.Anyway, a bunch of people started saying that Chinese server players are bad.This also makes these Chinese server players very angry, more is for the Chinese server manufacturers hate steel, the original Chinese server peripheral is not good, they have to buy peripheral to the foreign server to suffer, this is really too uncomfortable, ultimately is the Chinese server official problem.Also hope that the Chinese server players can make some good peripheral, if you are afraid that players do not buy it can be less to test the water, then you will know how enthusiastic the players are.But please do not use such a rough periphery to fool the players, there is really no sincerity, the national service players will only play the baby.Topic: Do you feel good about the peripheral products of China Service?Welcome to post a message to communicate with us!