Hide the trip, private door magnetic!Many people in Tianjin will be held responsible

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At present, the new grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control, various departments at all levels accurately ShiCe, residents crowd actively cooperate with, but there are still a individual unit pipe leakage, individuals take any chances, even ignoring the discipline, not lying about their journey, omission of information, conceal brings to the epidemic prevention and control risks and hidden dangers, must disposal in accordance with the law, at the same time, in case of the lines.Just, NingHe area epidemic prevention and control command on the two related to epidemic prevention pipe leakage loss, ignoring the typical cases of discipline and details are as follows: case a return ning personnel reported stroke, enterprise screening line leakage control Ms. Gao, nie certain both as NingHe economic development zone, XX company employees, census register seat to huludao city suizhong county town of kaolin.At 19:00 on February 5th, he arrived at Binhai West Railway Station from Shanhaiguan Station by train and took a taxi back to Ning. When he returned to his post, he showed the negative nucleic acid test certificate and health code according to the procedures, but reported to the employer that the departure place was Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao city. He concealed his travel and residence history in Suizhong County, Qunudao City, and the company failed to conduct accurate investigation and control.On February 8, after Suizhong County of Huludao City was adjusted as a medium-risk area, the two still did not actively report their true travel history, and the enterprise did not conduct further investigation.After investigation by the district prevention and control headquarters and the local park, it was found that the two concealed the fact of suizhong’s trip, and centralized isolation and control measures were immediately taken.The warning was not accurate and strict. Gao and Nie’s behavior seriously hindered the accurate implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in our district, and enterprises and individuals lacked responsibility.Gao mou, Nie mou lifted isolation, will be held responsible according to law.On February 17, during the regular inspection and supervision of the regional investigation and control professional group, it was found that the door magnet at the home of a quarantinable person in Qiaobei Street was removed by human means. Community workers were immediately notified to deal with the situation on the scene and the corridor of the house was destroyed.Subsequently, a joint investigation team was formed by the street, community and police station to check the surveillance video one by one and confirm that the door magnet was removed for the people quarantined at home. Fortunately, no relevant people were found to go out.Residents are warned to remove the door magnet without authorization during the quarantine period, violating the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic, and will be held responsible in accordance with the law after the quarantine is lifted.If there is infringement, please contact pension to change?Basic endowment insurance will whole country as a whole!Change of departure policy!