National Academy of Sciences Strategic Plan III: Reverse brain Engineering

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The National Academy of Sciences has a plan for the future of science in the United States. It’s called the national Academy of Sciences Strategic Plan 2020-2025.A total of 14 projects have been proposed on the engineering side.The Reverse Engineer Brain is one of them.It is difficult to define which field reverse brain engineering belongs to because of its wide application.It is because the application field of reverse brain engineering cannot be defined that the great value of reverse brain engineering is highlighted.The public’s understanding of reverse brain engineering probably comes from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla electric vehicles.Of Mr Musk’s grand innovations, reverse brain engineering is perhaps the least noticed.People only know that Musk wants to put chips in people’s brains.But what it means for human society, whether electric cars or satellite launches, is less important than reverse brain engineering.This is a great project to change human life.From a medical point of view, reverse brain engineering can repair people’s natural defects.The technology allows the blind to see, the deaf to hear, mental illness to be reversed, and children with learning disabilities to stop being confused.If this works, the human brain will be transformed.It’s impossible to tell what society will look like when this technology becomes a reality.There are 40 million blind people, 460 million deaf people and about 100 million autistic people.All kinds of diseases involving nerves will be corrected by reverse brain engineering.This will be a great advance for human society.And the importance of reverse brain engineering goes far beyond fixing our brain’s problems.Just think, if this technology advances one step further, it will be possible for humans to modify our brains.Superman will no longer just be in science fiction movies.The human brain is still a world beyond our comprehension.How the brain accomplishes memory remains unexplained.A human brain weighs only 1.3 kilograms and requires 20 watts of power to operate, compared with 20,000 watts for a supercomputer to function like a human brain.How the human brain performs highly intelligent behavior on so little electricity.The brain doesn’t just tell us to work, it tells us to write, draw, calculate.Our brains dwarf the world’s most complex computers.The complexity of the brain lies in its structure.Now scientists, especially mathematicians, are beginning to unravel the secrets of the brain’s structure.Structures known as “God’s fingerprint” have been discovered by mathematicians, and the combination of mathematics and neuromedicine has taken the development of artificial intelligence to the next level.Reverse brain engineering is just one result of this discovery.Review: Reverse brain engineering is one of the most exciting of the national Academy of Sciences’ goals.It will be an unprecedented event in human history if disabled people in the world can lead a normal life through reverse brain engineering.But reverse brain engineering represents much more than that.Around us, especially in recent years, artificial intelligence technology, or human brain engineering, has emerged in a large number of media.Its huge potential, whether in the military or in medicine, whether in the future of transportation or home appliances, brain engineering represents the future.Whoever masters human brain engineering, including reverse human brain engineering, will master the future.The potential of brain engineering is too great for any industrial country to ignore.Can say boldly, the human brain engineering is the future, is the human society must face the technology.The game has already begun in this area.Around the engineering of the human brain is a comprehensive test of a nation’s mathematical, chip-making and engineering abilities.A lot of money is pouring into these areas.The United States already has a large number of high-tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple, and so on. There is no doubt that the United States leads in these areas.More important for the United States, of course, is the use of human brain engineering in the military.The use of artificial intelligence in the military will change the future of warfare.And its application in the medical field will change the structure of human society.It’s easy to see why the National Academy of Sciences has made reverse brain engineering a national project in the United States.Even if the National Academy of Sciences did not mention it, American companies might have sensed an opportunity long ago.This is a once-in-a-century opportunity.However, the emergence of any new technology will have a negative impact.Will this technology lead to mass unemployment?Will it further open the gap between developed and poor countries?Technology can develop rapidly, but if society fails to keep pace, it will bring disaster to the masses.As we develop technology at a rapid rate, we must consider the problems that those technologies bring to certain groups of people.The neurochip is pipetted under a microscope