Prepare for danger in times of peace!The progress of Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata in mixed doubles brings new problems to China Ping

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A happy and peaceful atmosphere of WTT macau race is over, the ping players got a rare festival short ones, can be friends and family have a time meet, then will be 2022 new rally, and the table tennis events for the 2022 other, especially the team will kick off world championships in mid-april xu li.As you know before the game, Japan table tennis team did not send any players to participate in the WTT Macau tournament.In addition to the reason that there is only prize money but no points in the competition, another reason for the Japanese players not to participate in the competition is that they will participate in the domestic table tennis tournament during the same period of time in Macao.That is to say, the time conflict of the two competitions made them give up the opportunity to participate in the Macao competition.However, for the players of the Japanese table tennis team, the Japanese domestic championship is also more competitive, and it is also a very difficult and competitive event for the players.Especially for Chang ben-Chiwa, hina Hayata, Mimato ITO, the key players of the Paris cycle, are very important to the game itself.Here we are more important to talk about zhang Benzhi and Haida Xina.According to the current schedule, the Japan National Championship mixed doubles competition has been four rounds, Zhang Benzhihe and Hina Hayata can be said to be trials and hardships, all the way forward.Even though some races were tough to win, they still managed to bite and become the ultimate winner.Even though their opponents are better each time, they still outperform each other.In particular, zhang ben-chiwa/Hina Hayata won 3-2 (11-5, 11-9, 6-11, 3-11, 12-10) in five sets against the formidable Hiroemon Kobayashi/Yokoshi Izawa and advanced to the quarterfinals.In general, Hayata Hina and Zhang Benzhi and individual singles strength is also good, while the two people with a more tacit understanding.It is believed that the young pair, who have grown up together, will also have greater competitiveness in the Paris Olympics two years from now.And we also know that it was in this event that the Japanese table tennis team made the first breakthrough in the Tokyo Olympic cycle, winning the ultimate first Olympic gold medal in this event, putting paid to xu Xin and Liu Shiwen’s five-year effort.In other words, Mimato ITO and Mizutani Hayabusa had been slightly behind Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen in the competition for several years, but when it came to the most important battle, they won.To a certain extent, Hayata Hina and Zhang Benzhihe continue to break through themselves, continue to improve the degree of running in harmony, and it is very likely to form a greater challenge to China ping mixed doubles combination.Another point, Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin in the competition just ended in Macao, there was a mentality anxious, unstable play, too many errors on the field and other problems, so that they were eliminated in advance in the competition.Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Manyu, the other main pair in reserve for the Olympics, also didn’t get far.From this point of view, the Paris Olympic cycle, even from Liu Guoliang to China Ping coaching staff, including all the players, are very eager to win back the lost Olympic gold medal.However, liu Shiwen and Xu Xin can still beat all the other partners in the mixed doubles competition even though they haven’t cooperated and trained systematically for a long time, which shows that there are some shortcomings in the stability of the young mixed doubles team of China Ping.This kind of deficiency may look nothing now, when it comes to the Olympic Games, it may become a omen that China Ping will lose the mixed doubles gold medal again.So, in the face of Zhang Benzhi and early Tian Xina more and more stable performance, the reality of a growing and competitive, ping the coaching staff and duan chief liu guoliang, or want to mixed doubles the project itself has prepared more cognitive, also want to do more difficult, also want to more, to fight for the gold medal on the Olympic Games in Paris back.We hope that the outstanding performance of Hina Hayata and Zhang Benzhihe will not only bring pressure to the National Ping team, but also bring motivation. We should make concerted efforts to win the Olympic mixed doubles gold medal.