Surprise!Gu Ailing’s biggest rival failed to win a medal, and CCTV was excited to celebrate China’s gold

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Gu Ailing dominated the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 18, 2022. Canada’s Cathy Sharp and Rachel Kark won the silver and bronze MEDALS respectively.Gu’s top rival Kelly Siirdaru finished fourth and missed out on a medal.It is worth mentioning that CCTV commentary is very excited, called Gu Ailing “Gu Ellen”, netizens ridicule: CCTV commentary mouth ladle.Gu Ailing, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui joined hands to advance to the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final.Obviously, Gu Is the favorite to win the gold medal. In the first two rounds, Gu scored 93.25 points, 95.25 points, far ahead.Although this is not gu Ailing’s highest difficulty, but the quality is too high.In the third round, Gu Was still the last one to appear. As other players failed to exceed 95.25 points, Gu clinched the gold medal in advance.It was her third medal and second gold medal of the Games. With two golds and one silver, Gu broke so many records that she was undoubtedly one of the top winners of the games.The stress-free Gu burst into tears as she finished her third round in a performance that was greeted with hugs and congratulations from runner-up Cathy Sharp and runner-up Rachel Kark.Surprisingly, the pre-race favourite Kelly Sildaru finished fourth, leaving her out of the MEDALS a minor surprise.Another Chinese player Li Fanghui scored 86.50 points in the second round and finished fifth.Zhang kexin scored 78.75 points in the first round, ranking seventh. Her fighting spirit was touching as she attempted to perform a difficult routine in the final round, fell down and suffered injuries.Gu Ailing won the eighth gold medal for the Chinese delegation, two gold MEDALS, one silver, becoming the first Chinese team in the snow events.CCTV commentary is particularly excited, the scene of the Chinese audience is particularly excited, congratulations to the Chinese team, this is a milestone moment!