Women’s Asian Cup: China beat Japan on penalties to reach the final

2022-07-24 0 By

Chinese players celebrate after their victory in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.Xinhua/Javed Dhar China defeated Japan on penalties in the semi-final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in India on Wednesday after 120 minutes of fierce competition.This is the first time in 14 years that The Chinese women’s football team reached the final.China will play South Korea for the championship in Mumbai, India on Saturday.Facing the Japanese women’s soccer team ranked higher than themselves in the world, The Chinese team had a tough game.With top star Wang Shuang sidelined, the Chinese girls stuck to their tactics and came back from behind twice to win with a steady play and fighting spirit.Japan, Asia’s top class, kept on the offensive from the start, scoring the first goal of the game in just half a minute and threatening China repeatedly.In the 25th minute, Japan crossed from the left and Riko Ueki headed home the goal, making the score 1-0.Throughout the first half, The Japanese team showed its small quick and delicate technical characteristics, but also good at using the width of the field, in the front of the high position to continue to close down, has always kept the Chinese team suppressed.However, wang Shanshan, the captain of the game, led the team to stabilize the defense and kept the 1-0 score until halftime.China fought back in the second half and the effect was immediate.China used the break to make tactical changes, replacing Zhang Linyan and Ma Jun with Xiao Yuyi and veteran Zhang Rui respectively.In the 46th minute, xiao Yuyi took the ball on the left side of the decisive cross, the ball accurately found ambush in the penalty area Wu Chengshu, the latter in front of the left foot pad shot into the net, 1:1.After the equaliser, China gradually found its form in the second half and began to increase its possession rate as Japan’s fitness declined, but neither team was able to extend their advantage.Xiao Yuyi (c) of China competes during a match in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 3, 2019.Xinhua News Agency (By Jawed Dhar) After the extra time, the Japanese team took the lead.In the 96th minute, Japan hit the crossbar with a well-coordinated shot from the front.Just as China were lucky to escape a penalty, Japan overcame an offside challenge in the 103rd minute when match-winning Riko Uechi headed home from the middle of the line to make it 2-1.The Chinese women’s soccer girls clenched their teeth and stepped up their offensive in the second half of extra time, threatening the Japanese team in the goal.The miracle came in the 119th minute when wang Shanshan, the captain of the match, grabbed a cross from Zhang Xin in front of the net and scored the equaliser at 2-2.Wang Shanshan’s individual goals in the current cup also rose to 5.China’s Wang Shanshan (R) scores during a penalty shootout in Beijing, capital of China, Feb 3, 2018.Xinhua/Jawed Dar the two sides entered a penalty shootout.Goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved the first and fifth penalties.Japan goalkeeper Apricot Yamashita saved China’s first penalty.China beat Japan 4-3 on penalties and 6-5 on aggregate as the last Chinese captain, Wang Shanshan, converted a penalty kick.Throughout the whole game, the women’s football team came back from two points down and finally won the penalty shootout, fully showing the spirit of the women’s football team who fought hard and never gave up.Chinese players celebrate after their victory in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.Xinhua News Agency/Javed Dar