“Ligue 1” Bayor, Alevina contribution, Marseille home 2-0 defeat to Claremont surprise

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At 3:45 on February 21, 2022, In the 25th round of Ligue 1, Claremont went away to play marseille.In the 13th minute, Zadaka set up teammate Bayor to open the scoring for Clemon.Half – time, kramon temporarily 1-0 lead.In the 84th minute, Alevina opened the scoring for Claremont to extend their lead to two goals.End of the game, Clermont away to a 2-goal advantage over Marseille.In the 13th minute, Zadaka set up teammate Bayor to open the scoring for Clemon.In the 63rd minute, Marseille’s Kolasinac was replaced by Dieng.The 68th minute, Marseille’s gondozzi was booked by the referee.In the 69th minute clemon took off da Cunha and replaced him with Alevina in a bid to hold on to the victory.The 75 th minute, Marseille chareta – Karl by the referee yellow card warning.In the 81st minute, Claremont’s Bertomir replaced Samed.The game 81 minutes, Marseille use substitute Enrique replaced Lirola, intent to strengthen the attack.In the 81st minute, Clemon replaced Lashani with Xavi and tried to keep the victory.In the 84th minute, Alevina scored for Claremont to increase their lead to two goals.In the 85th minute, Clemon replaced Bayor with Keay.The 89th minute of the game, Clemon’s Key by the referee yellow card warning.In the 89th minute, Marseille replaced Gerson with Perez.Final whistle, Claremont 2-0 away win over Marseille.Marseille (4-1-4-1) :16- Lopez, 29- Lirola (81′ 11- Enrique), 2- Saliba, 15- Chaleta Carr, 23- Kolahinac (63′ 12- Dion), 21- Longille, 17- Yundale, 6- Gondozzi, 8- Gersen (89′ 14- Perez), 17- Paye,9- Milique Clement (4-1-4-1) :40- Choko, 20- Zadaka, 4- Htundeji, 36- Saidu, 12- Nsimba, 25- Gastian, 10- da Cunha (69′ 11- Alevina), 7- Magen, 19- Samed (81′ 8- Bertomir), 18- Lashani (81′ 6- Harvey),27- Bayou (85′ 9- Kihi) Marseille: 005 GMT 28 February 2022 Troyes vs.Marseille, 7 March 2022, 3:45: Marseille vs Clermont Monaco: 27 February 2022, 22:00: Clermont vs.Bordeaux, March 7, 2022, 08:05 Lille vs. Clermont