Middle age is the time to know the destiny

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There is so much suffering in one’s life, but if the world knows what it is, if it lets wind and rain waste one’s life to middle age, then it knows that destiny is not to be disobey!Life, many times we always think that we can change the fate, when I was young, I did the same!Only later, wandering half life, nothing, also brilliant, also lonely!A lot of people, so go, no contact, a lot of things, so light, no longer want to mention!Often think of these, I am very sentimental, thinking of this world why there will be so much pain parting, why there will be so many things contrary to one’s wishes!Then I look back on the first half of my life and realize that life is really meant to be!Sickness and health, marriage and children, fame and fortune are not their own control!A friend asked me: a person’s bad fortune, good fortune, good fortune, can make their own good fortune more?I answered him like this: I used to have a very good friend, he grew up in a very difficult family, people in the village bullied his family, all looked down on him!So when he was very young, he studied very hard in order to enter a good university in the future. In this way, he could change the situation in his family.Finally, he got his wish and entered one of the best universities in our area!But then he started his own stationery business, and did not work in his own related industry!08 years of time, look for the relatives around to borrow 3000 yuan of money have not borrowed!His own marriage, to the day he left this world, his father-in-law did not come to see him!After years of hard work, he has bought two houses in the county, two children and a car. In the eyes of others, he is already a successful person!He treats people to do things very good, we these friends, no one does not admire him, he also often do good deeds, to help those poor students!He always said: poor, alone, rich, the world!But in 19 years of one day, he suddenly felt a stomachache, a hospital examination, the result is liver cancer terminal!On the third day, he had the operation. Finally, he fought for more than a year, sold his house and car, and left. At this time, he was only 38 years old!When he finally left, how was he going to live with debts, two small children to support, and a wife who lived far away?So in the book of Life, it is said that a person doing good deeds cannot change a person’s fate!Although doing good deeds cannot change one’s fate, life Science still encourages people to be positive because doing so can change one’s heart!Make yourself a happy person!Make yourself a happy person!Everyone comes into this world, will leave in his own way, so we do not regard him as a tragedy of fear, should correctly look at these objective laws!”Life learning” is to hope that people: when their suffering, do not be sad, do not be sad, because all this is what you have to encounter, smile to face it!