Preheating | “Spring Festival joy will be the third wave, small yuan asked you make yuanxiao!”

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Big year 15 · make the Lantern Festival in the memory of the year is the fireworks of the lights of the family is in front of the courtyard of the red lanterns hanging high is busy for a year of people have returned home in the eyes of the Chinese New Year taste after the Lantern Festival is officially closed but!This year’s Lantern Festival is different from the past. What will it be?Activity Form: Lion Dance Content: Professional lion dance performance team, parade in Yuantong street, interactive performance.Chinese New Year wishes will be sent to tourists, the masses and businesses.Activity Time: 2022 Chinese New Year 15 (February 15, 2022) 10:00 — 11:00 event address: Huijiang Qiaotou – Kylin Street – Renli Memorial Arch Yes, The third wave of Joy and Joy to 叒 yi!Coincides with the Lantern Festival xiao Yuan to help you arrange the Lantern Festival this day obviously the New Year’s ceremony must be a perfect ending to come and xiao Yuan together with the Lantern Festival guess you still want to see the Spring Festival epidemic prevention, you want to know, here!A picture is read | home during the Spring Festival to rong latest policy – yuan tong town 2021 annual catch at the primary level for review conference host | chung city yuan tong town people’s government of the edit | 侯咏 flute