Reporter help | hangzhou 14000 parents pay the tuition fee, we haven’t a class, English training institutions go bankrupt

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Recently, qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Zhang Ran, a reader to hour news “reporters help” for help: our children in Hangzhou Canal street shopping mall on the third floor of the “Foreign Teachers China” English, On January 16, the teacher in the group message said that the winter vacation on January 17, February 19 school, the results of the school day empty.”We still have 47.5 class hours to go, a class 220 yuan, can you help us?”Later, the hour News reporter contacted the supplicant.】Hundreds of parents worry, there are tens of thousands of dollars of lesson not to cash “my nephew was started in 2018 in China ‘foreign teachers’ class, everything is fine before the Spring Festival this year, the results according to the notice of time to go to class, found the door was open, don’t have what is in it, each door is locked, and no teacher.”Qiuren said there were about a hundred other parents in a similar situation, some with 14, 000 yuan of classes to go, some with 20, 000 yuan.”Everyone pays once a year, so there are almost 10,000 starting class hours that have not been paid yet.”On the third floor of Canal Street, the door of “Foreign Teachers China” is open, but the reception desk is empty.Inside, several rooms were tightly locked and emptied.】They paid 14,000 yuan and closed their doors before a single class. 131 parents gathered in the “Foreign Teachers China” rights protection group.A woman surnamed Ji told The Hour news that her child was recommended for the class after attending a free promotion class in July last year.”They told me that they had been working in the mall for six years and would not run away. Although my child was still young, I wanted to learn English as early as possible in order to practice oral English.”Recommended by the teacher, Ms. Ji recharge in July 2021, the amount is 14,000 yuan, 120 class hours, originally wanted to start the child kindergarten class.”I was going to take my first class in September 2022, but I didn’t take any classes. I just closed.”Another parent said that the class was scheduled to start on February 19, but on January 16, she saw a teacher with “Foreign Teachers in China” Posting a resignation certificate on her wechat moments.”I asked the teachers in the group at that time, and they all said nothing. On January 15, I also sent a notice for the winter vacation and confirmed the resumption of classes on February 19.”As a result, on February 16, “Foreign teachers China” Canal Street store issued a bankruptcy notice, said it was unable to continue.Ms. Ji says many parents like her who raised money before the New Year are angry.”Why not make it clear?Will we be refunded the courses we owe?”】Foreign teacher China: SORRY, try to find a way to refund, but can not guarantee the full refund, hour news reporter consulted the “Canal street” shopping mall staff.The other party said that the specific situation is not clear, the original “foreign teachers China” and the mall said that it opened on February 19, do not know why not open.”A lot of parents came to the mall to complain, so we had to register the information one by one, and then help everyone communicate with ‘Foreign Teachers China’.”Subsequently, the hour news reporter contacted the person in charge of “foreign teachers China” through the shopping mall.This person in charge said, in the “Canal street” for six years, because of various reasons, although several times to fight, but still failed, no longer open.Choose to send bankruptcy notice after the year, but also want to let everyone have a good year.At present, the organization is already doing the registration work of refund users, and now it is waiting for some shareholders to pay the registration capital.”We will do our best to give parents a refund, but we cannot guarantee a full refund or confirm when. We sincerely apologize to parents.””Said the superintendent.The hour news will be keeping an eye on this.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.