Salted duck eggs in 3 steps!Sand flow oil is not salty, half a month can eat

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“The salted duck eggs from other countries, I really look up” Wang Zengqi this sentence, let a person to gao You salted duck eggs very yearning.”Will bear knock to break, dig to eat with chopsticks, chopsticks head a plunge down, squeak – red oil came out.”Often read here, always can not help but saliva dc.Breakfast bowl of plain white rice porridge, with a salted egg.What I look forward to most is to carefully pick up a little salted egg yolk with oil with chopsticks and slowly sip it in my mouth. The salt taste is moderate and the fragrance is strong. Then I eat a little porridge, which is really wonderful.I’m a big fan of salted duck eggs myself, and my family has always had the habit of salted duck eggs.Salted eggs are very timing sensitive, too cold pickled not easy to salty, too hot pickled easy to stink, lukewarm early spring is the best time to pickle salted eggs.Some time ago, I made a special phone call to my mother, who pickled salted eggs every year. I learned how to pickle salted eggs from her and pickled more than a dozen of them.With uneasy mood to wait for half a month, today finally out of the altar.Just cut the eggshell, red sand oil followed the moment, wow, how happy!With a gentle bite, it’s tender, buttery, and just salty, so I’m ready to share my secret recipe for salted eggs!Now marinate, about 20 days to eat oh ~ 01 this recipe pickled salted eggs 100% oil out of sand!Salted duck egg salted duck egg a list of ingredients eggs or duck eggs a certain amount of kosher salt an appropriate amount of high liquor a bottle of white vinegar a bottle of recipe 1.Get some eggs or duck eggs and wash them, to get rid of the smell.Dry the surface of the eggshell after washing.2. Dip a towel in white vinegar and wipe the eggshell clean.3. Kosher salt and white wine (height) set aside.4. Roll clean eggs in white wine.(Erguotou liquor with a higher degree of alcohol can be, the price is relatively cheap, but also can play a role in sterilization) 5.Remove the eggs and roll them in the kosher salt.6. After you can add salt, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and place them in a large bowl.7. If you feel that a bag is troublesome, you can also directly put the eggs together, sprinkle more salt on the top, as shown in the picture.8. To prevent the liquor from evaporating and the salt from falling off, cover it with a piece of plastic film.9. The weather has been lukewarm for two days, making it a good time to pickle salted eggs.10. It’s ready to eat in less than a month.02 This method is used more in my hometown, pepper star anise with salt boil spiced salt water, and then use this water to pickle salted eggs,Salted eggs will have a little spiced flavor oh ~ Spiced salted duck eggs By You have the ability to stay after school list of ingredients Duck eggs 12 Chinese prickly ash 1 teaspoon salt 300-330g star anise 1 water 1000ml Erguotou small bowl Recipe 1Wash and dry duck eggs, pay attention to selection, cracks and holes must not fish in troubled waters.2. Take a sunbath to dry out the water thoroughly, and once again find a cracked attempt to blend in.3. Take a bath in erguotou, dry it, wash it again, dry it again.4. Add water and prickly ash star anise to the pot and bring to a boil. Let it cool and add salt, adding a small number of times, stirring until salt melts, until the added salt no longer melts.Then take a sterilized pot without water and oil to lay duck eggs, pour the salt water into it, seal it and put it in the cabinet. In summer, it can be eaten for about 15 days. This time, I put it for 30 days.5.25 days egg yolk, already a success.Clean salted eggs, cold water into the pot, simmer for 15 minutes, you can eat.In addition to this method, we can also use salted egg yolks to make soups, salted egg yolks, salted egg yolks, and salted egg yolks