Snowflake, is our medal!

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On February 13, the first snow of the Year of the Tiger is welcomed in Beijing, while the Winter Olympic Games are held. Xiao An wants to say that nothing matches the burning snow music better than snow and the Winter Olympic Games.Han Xue – Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games the first Winter Olympics outstanding music works released by the police in the world’s first “Double Olympic Stadium” The Bird’s Nest ice show face snow like wings a snow fell on the “Double Olympic City” at this moment the police inside and outside the stadium wrapped in silver light collectively realized the “ice Dun Dun” free early morning,Police in yanqing division of the national center for snowmobiles sled on duty police in yanqing division within the national center for snowmobiles sled security events in yanqing games village to safeguarding civilian police police police unit in the national stadium in shougang ski platform competition venues outside police on duty in shougang industrial park games organizing committee in ski jumping off duty police on duty police on duty security officer on duty in the wukesong stadiumChinese Cultural elements collide with Winter Olympics A dizzying array of colors Red lanterns hang everywhere in seconds Snow Rong Rong Snow Rong Rong Is it youAre you with me on guard?”Police on duty in Beihai Park, Beichang Street intersection, dredging, service tourists spring snow safety travel is Beijing traffic police invariable waiting for Beijing traffic police, # snow travel attention to the safety of snow travel the right way to open, please take good care!# # safe guard video is the most important and timeless, peace and service to you we watch Beijing transit police service the masses travel yanqing branch of visitors on the Great Wall badaling station police service fulfillment of miyun branch of simatai checkpoint police due diligence responsibilities bus corps police service in the snow huairou branch of civilian police rescue trapped in the snow the masses police on duty police in tiananmen square in the eastCity dashilan duty well branch of police on the road police hai tuo station security checkpoints flying snow in the winter Olympics yanqing division but too late spring scenery in the capital world ice mound p pier were warm snow play around taking with double the city of peace to turn and peaceful bumper harvest trip Beijing, you see the snow in winter I will hug you in video thank: global salute all units for the figure:All the police officers standing in the snow source: Ping an Beijing