Tiger teeth outdoor ceiling even mai hostess, vindicating Lin Qiqi was reported, but because of three words

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Although game live broadcast is still very popular, in addition to the appearance level, dancing and other entertainment anchors and live broadcast content can also attract many viewers to stop and watch.As a game broadcast platform, Huya has an outdoor anchor as hot as the head game anchor, and the gift income of the live broadcast room can make many game anchors embarrassed.And this so-called “tiger tooth outdoor ceiling” anchor, it is near future popularity is high, having “jiangnan first deep feeling” the tong Jincheng that say.In the eyes of many viewers, Tong Jincheng is undoubtedly a “tuhao”, not only its own family conditions are very good, but also do the income after the anchor is also enviable.During the live broadcast, they often take photos of their luxury cars at the request of the audience to satisfy the curiosity of fans.Of course, the main content of his live broadcast is to interact with different girls and show his tricks to attract women.And recently, the child jincheng in live with tiger teeth popular goddess anchor Lin Qiqi even mai interaction, did not expect is the child Jincheng this teasing younger sister offensive unusual fast and furious, a come up to say: “can with you in the object, ga I would like to.”Tong Jincheng’s sudden confession startled the audience in the studio, “I like a woman who is 40 years old and still has charm.”I expected Lin qiqi to be shy or sarcastic when she heard Tong’s confession, but instead, she directly said, “Do I eat this?”After two people even mai interactive spread out is to let the audience call directly “will play”, Lin Qiqi first asked child Jincheng yesterday dating girl’s name, child Jincheng said only remember the other side wearing black silk stockings, then he rummages to find out their own collection of silk stockings, see this scene Lin Qiqi is also some meng.Tong Jincheng and Lin Qiqi even mai can be said to be full mutual detestation program effect burst, tong Jincheng also made fun of Lin Qiqi clip sound, in the live video to find Lin Qiqi mimicked her clip sound, to Lin Qiqi a wave of “public execution”.But did not think of is, after the child jincheng ridicule Lin Qiqi clip sound, but because the other clip sound say “smelly brother” three words make some of their own gits, can not help but take out the tissue scene let child Jincheng by the audience have fun.It seems that even if it is Tong Jincheng, also cannot resist the charm of Lin Qiqi clip sound.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.