A man is best known in quarrels

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All say don’t look at this man to you good time how good, to see this man and you quarrel is how;1. Men who throw things when they quarrel are very poor in self-control. They want to vent and threaten each other through this behavior.You find him quarrel, he always silent, coldly watching you go crazy, after the event will never take the initiative to make up.This is a very selfish man.Start beating, this is the bottom line, only once and countless times.Do not delusional each other will change, because the mood of the time is really difficult to control, the best or as far as possible away from such that face these circumstances, what should a woman do?Except for the principle of hitting, women can control everything else.First of all, if you know the man well enough, you’ll know why he’s the way he is.At this point, the problem can not rise to whether he loves you or not, this is not realistic.There are only three things you need to think about to understand a man: why he is who he is, why he does what he does, and how he has always done things.In fact, most quarrels are initiated by women, and there are many ways to solve the problem. When it comes to quarrels, feelings will be hurt.Often quarrel, the other side will say that you are out of character;So-called “personality”, in fact, because each other for a long time accumulation of negative emotions, he gave you many times and times, you don’t grasp in the opportunity and time under the premise of his baggage that will make him get bigger, it would have been a goose hair garlic thing, he will be associated with such a thing will happen later, if it evolved into it,What would it be?In addition, because he himself in the quarrel also reflects the extreme behavior, so he will be ashamed of his own behavior and chagrin, will want to separate from you.The stupidest way to reduce stress is to let time diminish everything.No matter what we have done wrong or what has happened, we tend to tell ourselves to “forget it” or “it’s ok”, which is actually an escape from the problem.This time should adhere to their own principles, love when the other party does something wrong must give him the corresponding punishment, otherwise the other party will rationalize their mistakes and constantly violate your principles.In the long run, you will be disrespected and distrusted.So when he has the above extreme behavior, be sure to give him the corresponding punishment later.Let him know that his attitude is wrong.But what you both lack is the ability to get things done.Be aware of this if you want to have a better life in the future.Growing with each other is what’s important, otherwise you’re just going to keep doing it.