Caring for the elderly starts from me

2022-07-26 0 By

Respect for the elderly, filial piety, care for the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.On February 19, 2022, dongwang volunteers from Changge Zhaoxia Class in Xuchang, Henan came to houhe Town to clean and repair gas stoves for the elderly.At 8 a.m., volunteers hurried into the old man’s home.The old man was overjoyed and greeted them warmly. After hearing the old man’s request, he began to work immediately.Their division of labor cooperation, with tacit understanding, some take out repair tools, quickly repair gas stove;Some take out dishcloth to scrub hearth and hearth, and some take broom to clean.There is a volunteer who has done liquefied gas business before and is very experienced in repairing gas stoves. While repairing, he also explains matters needing attention to the elderly and is very patient and meticulous. All the requirements of the elderly are solved one by one.The volunteer’s tongs fly up and down and the rag is rubbed from side to side and back, quickly revealing a clean cooker.After finishing the work, they chatted happily with the old man.Their warm and thoughtful service, praised by the elderly, small courtyard is full of laughter, face is permeated with a happy smile.The old man could not help saying: “You volunteers let me feel Lei Feng is around.”The old and the old, east hope volunteers do not seek fame, not profit, willing to solve the difficulties of life for the elderly, not only brought happiness to the elderly, volunteers also harvest full of happiness.