He died of Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang and his son, and became emperor himself

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Since ancient times into the king defeated kou, a lot of fierce heroes in the troubled times and not quite big ambition, they are looking for a place to perch in the troubled times.If in Europe, their idea might be successful, but in ancient China, the idea of unity was straight into people’s hearts, and many of the dreams of being a hero and staying in a corner were finally broken.There is no other way to choose. The big thunder are all desperate. Few of them like to live in the “crack”, but there is one exception.This person’s name many people may have heard of, he is the founding monarch of South Yue Zhao Tuo, but also one of the longest-lived emperors in Chinese history, life fully lived more than 100 years old, until the Emperor Wudi han Dynasty, Zhao Tuo is still alive?And he is also a “success”, relying on the success of surviving all the opponents, finally became the emperor.In 221, Qin Shi Huang unified the Central Plains, and since then the six states have been unified, but the new Qin Empire still had many threats.The Xiongnu in the north had been harassing daqin in the south, and the Baiyue region in the south had also been disobedient to Daqin. As the emperor for thousands of years, Qin Shihuang was unwilling to let these places become a terra nullius.After that, The First emperor of qin sent general Tu Sui and deputy General Zhao Tuo with an army of 500,000 to conquer Baiyue.Although Baiyue is vulnerable, but here the terrain is complex, the people are fierce, the Qin army paid a lot of price to take, but once the withdrawal will inevitably chaos, so after this 500,000 troops will be stationed in Baiyue.Zhao Tuo was the magistrate of one of the four small counties ren Xiao was appointed by Qin Shihuang to be in charge of.However, no one expected that after the unification of the qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang fell ill and died, and his successor, Hu Hai, was not capable of qin Shi Huang. It was not long after this that the whole qin dynasty was in chaos.After that, there were three years of chaos at the end of the Qin Dynasty and four years of war between Chu and Han.Although South Vietnam was remote at that time, but the mountains and rivers isolated everything and the Central Plains, so the war did not affect South Vietnam.Ren Xiao died before the South China Sea prefecture entrusted to Zhao Tuo, let him continue to stay here, and suggested that the Qin dynasty has been destroyed, the use of the terrain of South Vietnam to independence for the country.Zhao Tuo was only 30 years old at the time, in the prime of his life, but he was also capable, and with his four counties expanding rapidly thereafter, he ruled South Vietnam well.At first, the South Vietnamese resisted the Qin army, but under Zhao Tuo’s control, the South Vietnamese were soon integrated with the Qin army, and they opened up a sanctuary away from the war.Zhao Tuo made great efforts to expand the territory of South Yue rapidly. Today, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, and northern Vietnam became his territory. In this paradise, Zhao Tuo declared himself king of South Yue, calling himself King wu.However, he also knew that after the Qin Dynasty, the Han Dynasty unified the world, he knew that South Yue was not strong enough to compete with the Han Dynasty, after this, he volunteered to Seoul, The Han Dynasty also need rest and did not embarrass Zhao Tuo.Thanks to Zhao Tuo’s careful management, south Vietnam soon witnessed an economic boom.However, after Liu Bang’s death, there was a rift between South Yue and The Han Dynasty. Lu Zhi, the de facto ruler of the Han Dynasty, did not like Zhao Tuo and later closed the trade between the two countries.At this time, Zhao Tuo had stabilized the South Yue and was not afraid of Lu Zhi. In this case, I simply declared myself emperor. After that, Zhao Tuo declared himself emperor, and king Wu of South Yue was changed to Emperor Wu of South Yue.In total, Zhao Tuo lived to be 103 years old and ruled Nanyue for 60 years. He also survived qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang and his own son until the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, when Zhao Tuo was still alive and became the greatest winner of his time.However, with the death of Zhao Tuo, The unconquerable Nanyue came to an end, and his grandson died a few years after he ascended the throne.As the Han grew stronger, they could not tolerate a separatist power outside of their control. In 112 BC, the belligerent Emperor Wudi of The Han dynasty dispatched an army to destroy the State of South Yue, which was officially incorporated into the Han dynasty’s territory.Therefore, Zhao Tuo can be called the winner of life at that time, relying on his “longevity” to survive all the rivals to become the emperor, his experience is unique in history.