New Year’s Walk | “Two Sentry booths” guarding high-speed railway in Changbai Mountain

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“Elder brother, festival pay more attention to safety.””Good, I know, you go home for the New Year!”At 7:40 on February 1, Ren Likun and his brother Ren Liyan took over at the post no. 28 of Dunbai Section of Shenjia High-speed Railway. They were busy cleaning the post and preparing for inspection.Ren Likun, 54, and Ren Liyan, 52, are brothers.In the middle of June last year, the two brothers were assigned to the post no. 28 of Dunbai Section of Shenjia High-speed Railway, which is managed by the Works section of Yanji Railway, as high-speed railway patrol officers. The post is therefore known as the “elder brothers’ post” of changbai Mountain high-speed Railway.At 9 o ‘clock, Ren Likun, dressed in black work clothes marked “road protection”, with a G-net phone on his shoulder, binoculars in hand, wearing a pair of high-waisted cotton shoes, stepped on the thick snow, began to patrol from the no. 28 booth along the high-speed railway line to the changbai Mountain station.”Mainly to see whether the closed net column and rolling cage is damaged skewed, there is no hanging floating debris, there is no increase in the gap at the bottom of the closed net, drainage grate there is no blockage…”Ren Likun moved the rolling cage continuously by hand to verify whether there was a disconnect problem.”Every net lock, every net door must be carefully checked, otherwise people, livestock and wild animals are prone to serious accidents.”In the 71 net door, Ren Likun carefully check the net door, confirm that there is no abnormal before continuing the inspection.At 9:28, the exit of Xin ‘an No.2 tunnel, located on the hillside, stood in front of him. Ren Likun looked around the tunnel with binoculars, and then began to climb the slope to check. The slope was steep and the road was slippery.”Look, these are the footprints of the roe deer, the mountain hare and the boar.””Said Ren, crouching down to examine the gap at the bottom of the net in a thorny spot littered with footprints in the snow.”It’s a good thing the gap wasn’t over the limit, or wild animals would have got in.”After inspecting the direction of Changbai Mountain station, Ren Likun began to inspect the direction of Dunhua station.Outside the high-speed railway closed network, the forest is thick and the snow is deep. The snow foot nests left by Ren Likun and his brother patrol are hidden and visible, and there are Merle birds jumping and singing on the branches around.”I was in charge of inspecting a total of five kilometers. I inspected the train every morning before it opened, in the morning and in the afternoon.””Ren introduced.It is understood that Ren Likun and Ren Liyan brothers are very united, usually do not understand the work of business knowledge to help each other to learn from each other, the inspection of many times to clear hanging in the closed network of plastic bags, branches, sagebrush and other debris, found the closed network column and roll cage skewed problems, timely notify personnel maintenance.Before the Spring Festival, also near the booth a drainage grate clogged leaves and other debris for cleaning.11:10 minutes, Ren Likun dragged a tired back to the booth.”The temperature during the day today is minus 10℃, the weather is good, sunny, usually very windy and cold.”Stamping the snow off his shoes for a short rest, Ren began to have lunch, which was bread and ham sausage. He said that he would have two meals during the Spring Festival and that it was ok to have a meal at noon.11:50, brother Ren Liyan came to the box to brother Ren Likun sent a bag of fruit, found near the high-speed rail xinan bridge closed net outside the crops have three or four cows in the activity, the brothers quickly ran to drive, back together to check the xinan high-speed rail bridge closed net.Looking back at the door of the booth, “a care for safety, one step a sincere guardian” Spring Festival couplets, and bathed in the sun patrol brothers, a kind of respect arises.