“Original” Geng Haijun: Politicians should handle the five relations in a coordinated way when running newspapers

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Geng Haijun, Director of The News Research Department of Guangming Daily “The Party’s news and public opinion work is political and policy-oriented. It has never been purely professional work, and politics comes first.”The party’s news and public opinion work adheres to the party spirit principle, the most fundamental is to adhere to the party’s leadership of the news and public opinion work.General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on Feb. 19 on the latest summary of politicians running newspapers injected strong impetus into the Party’s news and public opinion work.To do the party’s press and public opinion work well in the new era, we must always insist that politicians run newspapers and deal with the “five relations” as a whole.Good one, keep in mind the duties, as a whole “direction” general secretary of the relationship between “orientation” xi speech in six aspects, 48 of the news media in the new period job duties made the most concentrated, the most distinctive, remind every news of us, how to keep in mind, how to practice the sacred duty of the party giving the mission.Loyalty to the cause of the Party and the well-being of the people is the most important requirement.Engaged in the work of news and public opinion, to have determination, not shaken by the temptation, not confused by the appearance;Know right from wrong, distinguish good from evil, on key issues, have the sword of courage, a soldier’s responsibility.For the party’s journalists and public opinion workers, it is the duty, the primary requirement and the bottom line to stick to the Party spirit and firm position.Press and public opinion work must clearly adhere to the correct political orientation, public opinion orientation and value orientation, and give priority to adhering to the correct political orientation. No matter what forms of media, whether online or offline, whether large or small screen, there is no place outside the law and public opinion enclaves.We need to have a deep understanding of the decisive significance of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, strengthen our awareness of the Importance of the CPC Central Committee, strengthen our confidence in the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, uphold the CPC Central Committee, and uphold the CPC Central Committee.Will “to adhere to the leadership of the communist party of China and China’s socialist system, will be conducive to the reform and development, to promote the unity of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, is conducive to maintaining social harmony and stability” as the standard and the key to grasp the right public opinion direction, new era to xi jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, adhere to the unity and encourage stability, positive publicity is given priority to,We will promote core socialist values, constantly consolidate and strengthen positive mainstream public opinion, and make positive energy and themes stronger.General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that “news outlook is the soul of news and public opinion work”.At present, the media pattern and the ecology of public opinion are undergoing profound changes. The needs of the audience are becoming more and more diverse, the consciousness of participation is becoming more and more diverse, and the news communication is increasingly characterized by everyone, multi-direction and mass communication.In this context, the audience size of some mainstream media has shrunk and its influence has declined.We must face up to the challenges and problems, follow the Marxist view of news, do a good job in the publicity, publicity in the guidance.First, adhere to the unity of party spirit and people spirit.The dialectical unity of party spirit and people spirit is the essence of Marxist news view.General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized the Marxist view of journalism as the spiritual backbone of the Party’s news and public opinion work, which has strong pertinence.We want to deep understanding of marxist news view for the work of the party’s news public opinion guidance, dominant, scale, long-term, to recognize the essence of the west so-called “freedom of the press”, make the marxist concept of news become the party’s “compass” of the news media work, become a boycott of the influence of western news view such wrong idea “firewall”,Strengthen the Party’s overall leadership over publicity and ideological work, focus on strengthening the pattern of large-scale publicity work, and expand and strengthen mainstream ideological and public opinion.Second, take the initiative to set the agenda.Party’s news media to mainstream media authority sound in the cacophony of responsibility, to give full play to the subjective initiative, around the party and the nation’s overall work, the party’s theory, line policies, the party central committee major decision deployment, etc., the active set issues and make it become one of the topics concerning public opinion, in order to timely response to social concern, form the social consensus,To form the resultant force needed for the cause of the Party and the people.They dare not, cannot not, are not good at setting the topic, it is difficult to make the hot hot, cold cold down, said in place, it is difficult to shoulder the responsibility of public opinion guidance.The third is to grasp the efficiency of time.The problem of time validity seems to be technical, but it is actually closely related to the political level and the overall situation, and closely related to the grasp of the direction of public opinion.The party’s news and public opinion work is a science and must be handled in accordance with the law of news.Whether it is theme publicity, typical publicity, achievement publicity, or emergency reporting, hot spot guidance, public opinion supervision, all should focus on timely and reflect timely efficiency requirements.The positioning of party newspapers is the “background”, which is the premise for news media to pursue “characteristics”. We should not forget our “background” at any time.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “any news and public opinion has distinct ideological attributes, and there is no abstract absolute freedom.”There is no vacuum in the position of news and public opinion, and if Marxism does not occupy it, it will inevitably be occupied by various non-Marxism and anti-Marxism.The party’s press and public opinion work is an important matter in governing the country, stabilizing the country and securing the country.On this issue, we must not be naive, careless or shy away. We must take the work of the press and public opinion into consideration of the overall work of the Party and the state, pay high attention to it in terms of understanding, be precise and effective in our work, and reform and innovate in terms of ideas. We must not only be producers and disseminators of advanced cultural and ethical products,It has also become an important force for purifying the spiritual and cultural environment and guiding the right direction, enriching the people’s spiritual world and enhancing their spiritual strength.At the same time, we should be clearly aware that the trend of mass segmentation and differentiation puts forward higher requirements for news media to highlight their own characteristics. Different news media should be more accurate in positioning their own audiences, and not all of them should be “large and complete” or “small and complete”, and repeat the same story.Through scientific grasp the reasonable tension “background” and “characteristic”, make “characteristic” subject to “background”, make “impression” to reveal their charm of “characteristic”, strengthen self in TongPinGongZhen, achieve a theme to the spread of unified, omni-directional, multi-level and multi part of mainstream public opinion matrix, to achieve the effect of “pearls falling into a jade plate”.With the continuous development of the information society, the influence of emerging media is increasing, and mobile Internet has become the main channel for information dissemination.At present, whole-course media, holographic media, full-staff media, full-effect media have appeared, media intelligence is also beginning to appear.In terms of development trend, with the continuous development of 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, mobile media will enter a new stage of accelerated development.Information is everywhere, everywhere and no one uses it, leading to profound changes in the ecology of public opinion, the pattern of media and the way of communication, and news and public opinion work is facing new challenges.General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed many times that “without cyber security, there can be no national security;If you can’t get past the Internet, you can’t get past the long-term rule.”General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out many times that “the focus of propaganda and ideological work is where people are. Cyberspace has become a new space for people to work and live, so it should also become a new space for our Party to build consensus.”Promoting the integrated development of traditional media and new media is a major strategic plan made by the CPC Central Committee to consolidate the propaganda ideological and cultural front and strengthen the mainstream ideological and public opinion.Over the past few years, mainstream media insist on “orientation is the soul, mobile is the first, content is the king, innovation is the key”, and have achieved positive results in the establishment of integrated communication matrix, building integrated products and other aspects.However, it must be noted that the overall advantages of media integration have not yet been fully brought into play. In particular, the advantages of traditional and new media have been integrated to make up for their disadvantages and complement each other. There is still a great imbalance in the real realization of interdependence.In his speech on February 19, General Secretary Xi Jinping called for integration and integration as the key to integrated development.On January 25, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping further clarified at the 12th group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, “Traditional media and emerging media do not replace the relationship, but an iterative relationship;It’s not who rules who, but who grows;It’s not about strength or weakness, but complementary strengths.”We must understand the spirit of general secretary of the important instructions, xi as a whole the traditional media and new media, fully grasp the trends and laws of development of media convergence, strengthen the frontier exploration under the wave of new technology, information content, technology application, platform terminal and the fusion quality management method, amplifier efficiency, speed up the construction of integrated, one of the whole pattern of media communication,We should form concentric circles both online and offline, so that the Internet, “the biggest variable in the Internet, becomes the biggest increase in the development of the media,” and the Party’s voice can be heard more widely and deeply.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech on February 19 that as China’s comprehensive national strength continues to improve, the international community has paid unprecedented attention to China.However, China’s image in the world is still largely shaped by others rather than by itself.As China moves closer to the center of the world stage, more and more people in the world view China rationally and objectively, and more and more people praise China, this is a historical opportunity for mainstream media.We must strengthen our confidence and morale, further rationalize our internal and external publicity systems, vigorously promote integrity and innovation in international communication, and make unremitting efforts to tell China’s stories and communicate China’s voice, so as to present a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China.We should hold high the banner of building a community with a shared future for mankind, widely publicize China’s propositions, wisdom and proposals, and fully demonstrate China’s responsibility and style as a major country.Based on the 5,000-plus years of Chinese civilization, we should explain and promote more fine culture with Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit, and Chinese wisdom to the world, and do a better job of promoting Chinese culture abroad.We should draw on the vivid practice of China’s development, conduct in-depth studies from the perspectives of political, economic, cultural, social and ecological progress, and innovate China’s discourse and narrative system, so as to more fully and distinctly present China’s spirit, China’s values, China’s strength, and the strength of China’s stories and ideas behind it.Should pay attention to public opinion battle strategy and art, unafraid to also speak good, open the confidence also modest gentleman, persuasive and compelling manner, creating credible, lovely, respectable China’s image, and then change into the flow of information flow “deficit”, China’s real image and western subjective impression “contrast”, “gap”, soft power and hard powerWe will strive to increase the influence of international communication, the appeal of Chinese culture, the affinity of China’s image, and the guidance of international public opinion.(Long Minfei)