Overseas VERSION OF WPS, domestic top with mobile office applications, no advertising free charge

2022-07-26 0 By

Computer office software which strong, Office hit the world invincible hand.I have shared with you two mobile office apps, Microsoft Office and Office Suite.After many friends use WPS, they say yes and delete it.However, some friends say that they are used to WPS and want an ad-free VERSION of WPS.In that case, ray will share with you an overseas version of WPS.There are no ads and all the features are free.The overseas version of WPS installation package is ready for you, welcome to take.WPS Office Overseas version (Android) Overseas VERSION of WPS suggest using email login, no account registration is good, the actual use of domestic QQ mailbox can also be registered.After login, some functions that need to be opened for members in China can be used for free here, and many PPT templates can also be downloaded for free.This version of WPS Office removes many unnecessary functions, so we can easily find the functions we want in the interface.Such as file management, full text translation, file transfer, document slimming and so on.Can also be exchanged with the computer, very convenient.Bottom navigation “application” is the core part of the overseas edition, there are PDF toolkit, picture scanning, document processing and other dozens of practical functions.For example, click “PDF Toolkit” to click “more”, you can see PDF editing, PDF to Word/PPT/Excel, PDF signature and more than 10 tools.Like some in the domestic need to open membership to use PDF editing, PDF to Word and other functions, can be used for free.Each tool has an introduction to open, easy to use, very nice!Edited PDF files, support export long pictures, short pictures according to the page, Word, export PDF and so on, very powerful.There are a lot of templates built into this version of WPS, and you can download, edit and use them at will after logging in, without any restrictions.During the entire experience, I didn’t encounter a single AD.The only disadvantage is that it is aimed at foreign users, so the template is also some foreign content, but we can replace the Chinese, the impact is not big.The installation package of overseas WPS is ready.Welcome to help yourself