President of Philippine Skating Association looks forward to Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-07-26 0 By

President of the Skating Association of the Philippines, Elaine Cheng, is a keen figure skater.Now, her new dream is to get more Filipino teenagers involved in snow and ice sports, and the Beijing Winter Olympics has provided an opportunity for this dream.
On March 23, the Philippines’ skating rink reopened to the public after being closed for two years because of the pandemic — one of the few ice sports venues in the tropical country.Zheng yilin couldn’t wait to go to the ice rink to continue her daily training.I skated here the first day [when the rink reopened] and I was so excited I cried.The ice rink was closed and we didn’t skate for two years.Zheng first started skating at the age of seven and didn’t take up figure skating until she was 20 — she missed her prime age to become a professional athlete, but that didn’t stop her from loving the sport.Elaine CHENG, PRESIDENT of the Philippine Skating Association: It feels like you’re flying on the ice.You can go faster than walking and running, and the cool air, I don’t know how to describe it, we just love ice, we just love skating.At the end of this month, Zheng will be part of the Philippine delegation to Beijing for the Winter Olympics, which includes an alpine skier.Zheng yilin is full of expectations for her upcoming trip to Beijing.Yilin Cheng, president of Philippine Skating Association: I am looking forward to the High-tech Beijing Winter Olympics, which will surely amaze delegations.I wish all the best to the competitors in Beijing, including asa Miller, the only competitor from the Philippines, and hope he will do well and make his country proud of him.Let’s go to the future together, together to the future.Practice ice sports in tropical countries, often face many unexpected difficulties.As the president of the Skating Association of the Philippines, Zheng yilin hopes that more Filipino children will have the opportunity to learn about the beauty of ice sports – and the Beijing Winter Olympics is an opportunity to realize that dream.Yilin CHENG, president of the Philippine Skating Association: We hope (the Beijing Olympics) will attract more Filipinos and inspire them to participate in ice sports.