The new combined tax and fee support policy will have these favorable effects on shandong’s economic and social development

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Qilu network · Lightning news on March 29, 10:30 a.m., Shandong provincial government information office held a press conference to introduce shandong province to implement more tax rebates and tax cuts to help enterprises develop.Departments in shandong province party secretary, director of xing-yun liu, in recent years, our province further implement the party central committee and the State Council tax JiangFei decision deployment, the full implementation of the national tax cuts JiangFei, dig into place during the potential, the institutional arrangement, policy and temporary measures, the combination of periodic tax across cycle and countercyclical regulatory role into full play.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the province has increased taxes and fees by about 580 billion yuan, and in 2021, it will increase taxes and fees by more than 70 billion yuan, effectively reducing the burden on market players, playing the role of “releasing water to feed fish” and “securing the source of bacon”, and effectively promoting the steady and sound development of the province’s economy and improving its quality.Liu xingyun said that practice has proved that cutting taxes and fees is the most direct, fair and effective policy to support enterprises.This year, the state will implement more powerful tax refund and tax reduction policies, which will have a positive impact on the macro economy and market entities in many aspects.It will help stabilize the economy.The current situation of the epidemic is complex and grim, and economic development faces many difficulties and challenges.The government will focus on tax cuts, exemptions, tax delays, tax rebates, and fee cuts. These measures will have a more pronounced multiplier effect on tax cuts and fees.It will help maintain market players.Many market players are the backbone and resilience of economic and social development. At present, small and micro businesses and some industries are facing difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic.To this end, the state has taken targeted measures to expand and expand a number of preferential tax policies for small and micro businesses, grant temporary tax relief and exemptions to industries in difficulty, and take strong measures to completely resolve the existing and incremental tax credits for small and micro businesses and six industries.These policies will provide much-needed help to enterprises and play an important role in ensuring stable employment.It will help improve the quality of development.This year, the tax rebate and tax reduction policies are a great boon to enterprises’ R&D, innovation and technological transformation. For example, the large-scale VAT tax rebate has increased over 90 billion yuan in the province, which will greatly relieve financial pressure and help enterprises increase investment and carry out technological transformation.For example, we will relax the conditions for accelerating the depreciation of fixed assets of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and extend the 100% additional deduction policy for R&D expenses to small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, so as to give enterprises more confidence and confidence in r&d and innovation.These policies focus more on manufacturing and other industries. As a large manufacturing province, Our province benefits more obviously.It will help improve the business environment.On the basis of the implementation of the national policy of tax and fee reduction, our province has implemented all the national authorized policies, and formulated local policies to reduce the burden of enterprises in our province, and further optimized the business environment in the province.The key to governance is implementation.We will work with tax authorities, People’s Bank of China and other departments to take effective measures to promote the implementation of tax rebate and tax reduction policies in Our province, ensure the full release of policy dividends, and promote the healthy and stable development of the province’s economy and society.Lightning news reporter Zhang Yu reports