Why is There so much controversy at Tesla?

2022-07-26 0 By

Tesla has been in trouble lately.Two people have been killed in the American state of Texas after a Tesla crashed into a tree.Police are investigating whether it is related to an error in the vehicle’s autopilot system.In Shanghai, China, the extreme “roof protection” of a female car owner at the auto show also made Tesla encounter the biggest doubt since it entered the Chinese market.So far, the controversy has been unresolved, but it has been enough to draw attention to Tesla’s problems.Tesla has had its fair share of bad press since its birth.More than 10 years ago, the market demand for electric vehicles was the most discussed question, but time has proved Musk’s forward-looking, coupled with the success of brand marketing, Tesla has gradually become the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, Musk once became the world’s richest man.The pursuit of speed has also exposed Tesla’s quality problems.Mr Musk has promised improvements but recent disputes suggest they are not happening fast enough to satisfy consumers.In the final analysis, Tesla has not fully understood its social responsibilities. It is no longer a company providing high-end toys for the rich, but a giant enterprise shoulding the responsibility of providing safe travel tools for more people. It should not be careless or perfunctory at all.If they fail to respond promptly to public concerns, the halo of “individuality” can become arrogance in the eyes of consumers.More to the point, Musk may have been touted for so long that he transplanted his “maverick” approach from the U.S. to China, assuming that the Chinese market, and Chinese consumers, really only pay and don’t say no.This is underestimating Chinese consumers and not really understanding the meaning of Chinese culture.Ten years ago, “rich money, smart people and quick arrival” were the labels that Chinese consumers used to attract foreign companies.Today’s Chinese consumers are still rich and crowded, but they are no longer silly and increasingly confident and discriminating.What’s more, the Chinese are genetically programmed to prefer companies that are modest and courteous, with even a semblance of respect preferable to outright arrogance.Tesla’s management failed to grasp this.They might do well to learn from Apple’s CEO how Cook can make money in China while maintaining his brand identity and adjusting to the Chinese market.Keep your posture low.If Tesla can mend its ways, the Chinese market will remain bright.After all, new energy vehicles are an unstoppable trend.But disruptive change does not always go smoothly.At present, many disputes have one thing in common, that is, because intelligent machines are involved in driving, both manufacturers and drivers want to shift the responsibility to each other in determining the responsibility for accidents, so there are irreconcilable contradictions.At present, all the data of electric vehicle driving are controlled by the manufacturer, and the car owner has almost no knowledge of this, and has no right to explain, which puts him in an extremely vulnerable position.When things go wrong, manufacturers are both athletes and judges, making it hard to be trusted.How to share driving data and how to divide the rights and responsibilities of machine and human are the problems that need to be clarified and solved.Otherwise, people’s anxiety about the safety of new energy vehicles will get deeper and deeper, and disputes and conflicts will become more and more. We look forward to the intervention of third-party authorities, fair and effective judgment, and the formulation of relevant laws and regulations should also be put on the agenda.Article excerpted from Global People