Deep feeling in the snow epidemic prevention knot concentric

2022-07-27 0 By

Yueyang Evening News all media news (reporter Ning Long correspondent Ling Xiande) The eighth morning of the lunar New Year, chilly spring, the snow on both sides of the road has not completely melted.Yueyang City Yunxi District non-public economic Party Committee Changling branch of the Party branch has carried out a meaningful day of party members to baling toll station 0421 Xuguang expressway entrance and Jingyue expressway Renji entrance of the two epidemic monitoring point on duty personnel, sent to the Changling Party branch of love.They used the donations to buy 40 boxes of instant noodles, 40 boxes of mineral water, respectively in five cars, mighty and mighty, all the way.Send these loving, warm and affectionate items to the cold, in the hands of the frontline epidemic prevention workers.Branch secretary Yu Xuenian affectionately said to the staff: because of your hard duty, we can be peaceful, peaceful, warm at home to spend the New Year, see the Winter Olympics, enjoy joy.Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I salute you!You worked hard.The staff on duty at the yunxi and Daorenji monitoring points on the front line of epidemic prevention felt a warm current of sympathy to the Party branch of the Changling Branch of the Individual association in Yunxi District, a kind of epidemic prevention of harmony.The reason why we have been on duty since The lunar New Year’s Eve is that we should not be complacent.On February 6, baise, a city in Guangxi province, was quarantined after hundreds of people were infected with the omicron variant of the virus after returning home from Bao ‘an district in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival.So no one knows who came from where, or if they have the virus.The opening of the lower highway is an important pass for prevention and control.Only when we jointly shoulder the banner of epidemic prevention and control, stick to the front line and strictly prevent external imports, can we all enjoy a peaceful, festive and joyful Lantern Festival.