Deng Zhou: Small distribution box “beautiful” details highlight the people’s livelihood

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Plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum sustains people’s pursuit of high and clean character, green mountains and clear waters sustains people’s yearning for a better life, pine and crane yannian sustains people’s blessing for peace and health…At present, people step in dengzhou city xinhua Road, Renmin Road, gu Cheng road and other sections of the road, many people will stop to watch in front of a unique Chinese painting.”A few black iron boxes before, unexpectedly did not come for a few days, now become swallows flying, peach blossoms green willow, beautiful magnificent mountains and rivers.”In the city’s ancient city square clean government culture corridor next to the citizen Zhang said while appreciating paintings.Is this an exhibition?Isn’t.This is a miniature of the recent state Grid Dengzhou power supply company to beautify the urban environment, in the form of Chinese painting on the ring network cabinet and cable connector box beautification.It is understood that since the middle of January, in order to further promote the national civilized city, improve the zhuhai city grade, improve various eyesores, dengzhou power and communications locker facilities in urban areas has carried on the preliminary screening, existing in a box body appearance is not as serious as landscaping, stains, has small ads, public service ads posted loss, damage and other issues, in accordance with the principle of “whoever setup, management”,It requires the unification of “beautification” or “hidden” treatment, and has developed standards and assessment system.In order to ensure the implementation of this work, the company quickly held meetings, arrangements for deployment, the establishment of a special class, human, material and financial security.Song Jiwei, the director of the operation and maintenance department of the company, immediately tracked and counted the number of ring network cabinets and cable sub-boxes in the main sections of urban areas.In order to reflect the characteristics of The ancient city of Dengzhou, the company decided to create bright spots with culture as the starting point, and beautify the Chinese paintings of more than 200 ring network cabinets and cable splicing boxes.”Dengzhou is my home, and construction depends on everyone.This is a project for the hearts of the people. We are meticulous in our work, and we want to show first-class painting skills to make the city beautiful…”On March 19, in Binhenan Road, the construction of li said.Since the start of construction in late January, the main person in charge of State Grid Dengzhou Power Supply Company has gone deep into the construction line for many times to promote the work.Members of the special class supervise and urge the construction every day, and put forward reasonable suggestions in time.Report the daily work progress in the group to ensure the construction progress.”Dengzhou Power Supply Company, in accordance with the requirements of Dengzhou Municipal Party Committee and government, actively serve the construction of civilized city.To carry out urban ring network cabinet beautification special action, investment more than 300,000 yuan to the city xinhua Road, People’s Road, Gucheng Road and other 8 main and secondary roads more than 230 surface ring network cabinet and distribution box beautification, to help the national civilized city, national health city to create power supply company power.”Said Yang Honglei, deputy general manager of State Grid Dengzhou Power Supply Company.Up to now, the city power supply company responsible for more than 230 surface ring network cabinet and distribution box beautification has come to an end.”After receiving the notice, The State Grid Power Supply Company of Dengzhou City was able to work closely with the Urban Urban Management Bureau to take prompt action, come up with specific improvement plans and organize the implementation soon. In a short period of time, the appearance of distribution boxes and sub-boxes of the 8 main roads in the city, including the main square garden, has been greatly improved, giving people a sense of brilliance.The small ‘face change’ of the distribution box, in fact, shows the livelihood of the people, which helps to enhance the happiness of the masses, the sense of gain, and help to further build a civilized, harmonious, beautiful, livable urban living environment.”The city’s city management committee related person in charge of the introduction.(Photo and text by Shen Junwei and Liu Haobo)