Hangzhou man’s finger was pricked suddenly, carefully look turned out to be a black snake

2022-07-27 0 By

These days the temperature rise is not only reflected in the maximum temperature, but also the daily minimum temperature has risen from 9.5℃ on 10 days to 16℃ today.And the snakes, insects and rodents in the fields!The dermatology department of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine admitted its first snakebite patient of the year shortly after 8 PM yesterday.A 58-year-old man surnamed Zhou, who lives in Yuhangjingshan, felt his finger prick last night when he was cleaning up at home.Fixed eyes on a look, the original is a black thing, in the sundry gap twist the body.Mr. Zhou realized that it might be a snake!He picked up a stone and killed the snake, and took pictures with his mobile phone. When he arrived at the yuhang local health center, he was told that there was no antivenom, and then went to the Wulin Hospital of the City hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Ying Hangyu, a dermatologist at Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine who treated the patient, recalled: “From the photos provided by the patient, we determined that the bite was a pit viper with moderate toxicity, which bit the little finger of the patient’s left hand, and there was local swelling.”In addition to the use of anti-venom serum, simultaneous use of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs.”The results showed that the blood test was normal except for a slight abnormality in the coagulation function,” Ying said.Patients were sent to the hospital in a timely manner.The golden time for treating a bite is three hours.”In addition, after a snake bite, ligation is correct, but does not completely stop the spread of snake venom.On the contrary, the position of ligation is very particular about, if the position is inappropriate, it will lead to ischemic necrosis, causing limb ischemia.Remember: the location of the ligation must be in the bite area, one joint up.For example: if the bite is on the finger, the ligature should be on the wrist!Spring outing out of many people, YingHangyu reminded that: outdoor activities, we should pay attention to do a good job of self-protection, especially in the woods, grass and other snakes and insects frequented places, to learn to “beat the grass to scare the snake”.”Once bitten by a poisonous snake, don’t be nervous and remember to take photos so that doctors can judge the type of snake and take appropriate medicine,” Ying warned.Hangzhou traffic 918lly