Is that still real news?The US bill would allocate funds to media outlets that “report negatively on China”

2022-07-27 0 By

Previous bills passed by the US House of Representatives and the US Senate aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of THE US manufacturing sector both included provisions to allocate funds to “promote negative stories about China”, according to an independent US news website, American Outlook, on February 9.Both bills stipulate that US-funded media coverage should remain “independent,” the report said, but activists said “if the [US] government presets conclusions and points of coverage in legislation, it’s not really journalism.”The “American Compete Act” passed by the US House of Representatives last week is a counterpart to the tougher “American Innovation and Competition Act” passed by the Senate in June 2021, the report said.The bills’ titles were crafted by the foreign affairs committees of both houses, and both contain a section titled “Supporting independent media and Combating disinformation.”The bill does not define what constitutes “disinformation,” and the Foreign affairs committees in both chambers did not respond to questions from The American Vision.But the terms specify the purpose of the stories funded by these grants.The House version allocates $500 million to the INFAMOUS GLOBAL Media Agency (USAGM), the US agency responsible for “external publicity,” and local media and programs that train foreign journalists to produce “news stories critical of China” for overseas audiences, the report said.The Senate version creates a “Counter China Influence Fund” that calls for $1.5bn over the next three years to encourage reporting critical of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.Increasing competition with the subject of coverage — China — by funding news coverage in a package of bills could raise questions about the objectivity of the US media, the American Prospect said.USAGM’s Voice of America has been criticized for its lack of objectivity.”While progressives are careful not to draw parallels between U.S. government-funded media coverage and China’s heavily censored state media, they also say that funding the media as part of a strategic competition risks depriving the U.S. media of its objectivity, or at least its semblance of it,” the report said.The report also quoted unnamed progressives in the US Congress as saying that the US should be careful about using the funds to fund anti-China reports. “Otherwise, the funds will only be used as an exercise in the indiscriminate use of US influence, and many of the sources in the reports could be perceived as us geopolitical strategic agents.”